15 Best Things to Do In Page, Arizona (+ Itinerary!)

Explore the top things to do in Page, Arizona! Dive into scenic beauty, outdoor adventures, & hidden gems that make this Page, Arizona itinerary a must.

Turquoise waters of the Colorado River flow in a sweeping arc at the base of towering rust-colored cliffs. The view from above showcases Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, where the river makes a dramatic 180-degree turn, surrounded by layers of eroded rock formations. The sunlight casts a warm glow on the landscape, highlighting the textures and curves of the rock formations.

Page, Arizona is home to some of the most spectacular scenery and incredible outdoor adventures in the US Southwest. It’s a popular destination for iconic sites like Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon.

Located in the stunningly beautiful Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, visitors can enjoy hiking, river rafting, boating, kayaking, off-roading, and more in this outdoor adventurers’ paradise.

Visiting Page from our home in Salt Lake City is only a half-day drive, so we’ve been able to visit many times over the years – you could spend so much time here, though, and never run out of things to do!

In this post, we’ve rounded up the best things to do in Page, Arizona, and put together a 4-day Page, Arizona itinerary that includes our favorite activities, tours, and day trips to help you plan your own adventure.

Best Things to Do in Page, Arizona

1. Explore Antelope Canyon

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: 20 minutes, 7.8 miles

Sunlight streams through a narrow opening in the smooth, curved walls of Antelope Canyon, casting shadows that dance across the sandstone floor below. The walls are striped with layers of red, orange, and beige, creating a mesmerizing, abstract pattern. The ceiling of the canyon is high above, forming a narrow tunnel that stretches into the distance, beckoning adventurers to explore its depths.
Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon requires a tour to visit, but it’s a must-see for first-time visitors

Antelope Canyon is a world-renowned slot canyon known for its stunning, otherworldly beauty.

Located on Navajo land, this natural wonder is made up of several sections: Upper Antelope Canyon, Lower Antelope Canyon, and Antelope Canyon X.

Tour guides are mandatory to access all areas.

The narrow passageways, carved by water over millions of years, display unique and swirling sandstone formations that create mesmerizing patterns of light and shadow as the sun filters through the narrow openings above.

If you want to avoid crowds and you’re not particular about which canyon to see, check out Antelope Canyon X – it’s more budget-friendly and less busy than Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons.

You can also kayak Antelope Canyon. Keep in mind the part of Antelope Canyon you can kayak doesn’t look like Upper, Lower or X, though, so don’t do this activity expecting to see the narrow slot canyons and wavy sandstone formations.

Also note that this is a popular location for kayaking so expect company!

Add an Antelope Canyon Tour to your Page, Arizona Itinerary

2. Visit Horseshoe Bend

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: 7 minutes, 4.7 miles

Sun casting glow on rocks above Horseshoe Bend in Arizona
Photo credit: Dave and Jamie of Photo Jeepers

Horseshoe Bend is one of the most iconic sights in Arizona. Named for its distinctive horseshoe-shaped meander, it’s a bend in the Colorado River that is now a famous and very popular natural landmark.

But don’t let its popularity keep you away! It’s still an amazing sight and is located just 5 miles south of Page.

There is a short hike to get out to the viewpoint. You’ll want to bring plenty of water as temperatures often exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months. There is no shade along the trail so sun hats, sunscreen, hiking shoes, and sun protection are recommended.

There are also a variety of Horseshoe Bend tours that provide other options for you to see this unique curve in the Colorado River by helicopter, horseback, or Jeep. You can even book a kayak tour on the water through Horseshoe Bend which is on our bucket list.

Tips for visiting Horseshoe Bend

  • The parking area is open from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year.
  • As of August 2023, there is a one-time entrance fee of $10/vehicle to park and hike to the overlook.
  • Parking is prohibited along Highway 89. If the parking areas are full, come back and try another time.
  • We recommend getting there right at sunrise to avoid the crowds and for the best light to take pictures. Near sunset, you’ll be looking straight into the sun as it sets making it hard to see or take photos.
  • The hike to Horseshoe Bend from the parking lot is 1.5 miles roundtrip with 137 ft of elevation gain. There is no shade and summer temps can exceed 100 degrees so plan accordingly.

3. Rent a Kayak/SUP or Take a Boat Tour of Lake Powell

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: Varies depending on the destination

View of Lake Powell under a blue sky

Lake Powell was created in 1963 when the Glen Canyon Dam was completed to hold back the waters of the Colorado River.

It’s now a vast blue lake surrounded by sandstone walls where you can enjoy all sorts of water sports like waterskiing and wakeboarding.

With its crystal-clear blue waters, towering red rock cliffs, and hidden canyons, Lake Powell offers a unique and picturesque landscape that’s best explored by boat.

There are several boat tour options available from Waheap Maria, including guided tours, kayak rentals, and houseboat rentals.

The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area includes Lake Powell so the National Parks annual pass is accepted here.

Plan your trip to Lake Powell

4. Camp at Lone Rock Beach

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: 16 minutes, 12 miles

Van at remoted campsite in Lone Rock campground in Arizona

Lone Rock Beach Campground on Lake Powell is the perfect place to stop for a night or two if you’re on an Arizona road trip. It’s first-come, first-serve, and there is a $14 per night camping fee.

Surrounded by scenic red and white cliffs, plateaus, and sand dunes at the edge of the lake, this is a tranquil place to relax, get out on the water whether kayaking or stand-up paddling, or do some off-roading.

Plan your stay at Lone Rock Beach

5. Kayak Labyrinth Canyon

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: 15 minutes, 9.3 miles to Antelope Point Marina

Two kayaks are beached on a rock ledge shore overlooking the calm, blue-green waters of Lake Powell. The sun is shining brightly, illuminating the surrounding red rock cliffs and casting a reflection on the glassy surface of the lake. In the distance, sandstone bluffs rise up from the water, creating a serene and picturesque landscape. The kayaks are brightly colored, with paddles resting on the sand next to them, inviting the viewer to imagine an adventure on the tranquil waters of the lake.

If you want to explore slot canyons from the water, an overnight kayaking trip on Lake Powell is a wonderful way to do so.

Labyrinth Canyon lies on a quiet side of Lake Powell and as you kayak in this secluded area you’ll be surrounded by colorful sandstone cliffs.

How far you can go is determined by the water levels in Lake Powell, and you can generally hike into the canyon once you reach the end by kayak.

Guided day tours of Labyrinth Canyon and other beautiful slot canyons only accessible by boat are available as well.

Plan your trip to Labyrinth Canyon

6. Visit Rainbow Bridge National Monument

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: 2 hour boat ride (one-way) from Wahweap Marina and a 2-mile roundtrip hike

A massive natural rock arch rises up against a clear blue sky at Rainbow Bridge National Monument. The majestic Rainbow Bridge spans 275 feet across, towering over the surrounding terrain. The sandstone formation has been shaped over millions of years by the forces of wind and water, creating a breathtaking natural wonder. The colors of the rock range from warm reds and oranges to cool grays and blues, adding to the natural beauty of the scene.
Rainbow Bridge National Monument is best accessed by boat from Wahweap Marina

Rainbow Bridge National Monument, located on the Navajo Reservation near Lake Powell, is home to one of the world’s largest natural bridges.

This impressive sandstone arch spans 275 feet and rises 290 feet above the canyon floor.

The arch is only accessible by boat (or overnight backpacking trip) followed by a 2-mile roundtrip hike.

Plan your trip to Rainbow Bridge National Monument

  • Book a boat tour to Rainbow Bridge through Lake Powell Resorts & Marina
  • Pack snacks and a lunch as the tour does not include food (water is available, but you should be prepared with your own)
  • It is possible to backpack to Rainbow Bridge, but advanced overnight permits are required.

7. Go Rafting on the Colorado River

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: Varies depending on the destination

The legendary Colorado River runs through the heart of the Southwest and rafting down its rapids is an unforgettable adventure.

Page, Arizona offers various options for rafting trips, ranging from gentle floats to exciting whitewater rapids.

You can choose from half-day, full-day, or multi-day trips, depending on your level of adventure and experience.

If rafting’s not your thing, you can take a boat tour of the Colorado River and marvel at the towering canyon walls as you sit back and relax instead.

Plan your rafting trip on the Colorado River

8. Visit the Carl Hayden Visitor Center

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: 5 minutes, 2.3 miles

A scenic photo taken from the Carl Hayden Visitor Center, featuring the vast expanse of Lake Powell's shimmering blue waters, surrounded by towering red sandstone cliffs. In the foreground, the impressive Glen Canyon Dam stretches across the canyon, holding back the mighty Colorado River. The sky above is a brilliant blue, dotted with wispy clouds, casting a soft light over the breathtaking landscape.
Get a birds-eye view out over Glen Canyon Dam from the Carl Hayden Visitor Center

The Carl Hayden Visitor Center is the main visitor center for all of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and a great place to learn more about the area.

The circular building with panoramic windows sits right on the edge of Glen Canyon Dam, providing impressive views all around.

You’ll also find interesting exhibits, a store, and helpful rangers that can provide up-to-date information for your trip.

Tours of the dam itself are sometimes available but were closed when we visited.

9. Hike the Hanging Garden Trail

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: 4 minutes, 2.2 miles

Hiking the Hanging Garden Trail is one of the best things to do in Page, Arizona.

It’s a short, easy hike through a classic desert landscape with beautiful views and a garden of ferns at the end.

This hike is only 1.4 miles roundtrip, so it can easily be done in an hour, and is right outside of town near the Carl Hayden Visitor Center and Glen Canyon Dam.

Note that this hike is fully exposed, so be prepared with plenty of sun protection and plan on doing this hike early or late in the day to avoid peak heat.

Plan your Hanging Garden Hike

10. Stop at the Wahweap Overlook

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: 9 minutes, 5.1 miles

A stunning panoramic view from Wahweap Overlook in Arizona, showcasing the mesmerizing beauty of Lake Powell's vivid blue waters, contrasted with the rugged, reddish-brown sandstone formations that surround it. The vast desert landscape extends into the horizon, with a boat marina in the foreground. The sky above is a clear, brilliant blue, providing a perfect backdrop for this awe-inspiring scene.
Wahweap Overlook is one of the most popular vista points in Arizona, for good reason!

For a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Powell and the surrounding landscape, stop at Wahweap Overlook, a viewpoint just a few miles north of Page off of hwy 89.

It’s an easy stop down a paved road with plenty of free parking.

Tips for visiting Wahweap Overlook

  • Visit early in the morning to avoid the crowds
  • Sunset is also a good time to catch the golden glow over the surrounding red sandstone cliffs

11. Take a Helicopter Tour of Horseshoe Bend and Tower Butte

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters is located at the Page, Arizona Airport in town

Helicopter tours based in Page will give you a bird’s eye view of the winding Colorado River including Horseshoe Bend, and many include a landing on Tower Butte, a stunning rock formation with a flat top that juts up out of the ground.

From Tower Butte, you get 360-degree panoramic views of Glen Canyon National Recreation area including Lake Powell and the surrounding classic American Southwest desert landscape.

Book a Horseshoe Bend Helicopter Tour

12. Explore Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: 1 hour 10 minutes, 67 miles

The Wave in Arizona, a unique bright orange rock formation in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument
The Wave showcases the unique striated red rock formations in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

If you’re up for an adventure, spend some time exploring nearby Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, a remote, unspoiled 280,000-acre area known for psychedelic sandstone landscapes and dramatic slot canyons.

Some of the attractions here require 4×4 to access due to rough dirt roads, but guided tours are available as well.

The most iconic hike in the area leads to the the Wave and South Coyote Buttes.

Permits for the Wave are hard to get, but if you’re in the geofence area, you can try for the Daily Lottery through the Recreation.gov app. If you can’t get a permit, there are other locations we feel are just as unique and spectacular!

For example, we recommend visiting White Pocket which is also part of the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.

This area has equally fascinating rock formations and is less busy than The Wave.

Group of white and red rock formations in the desert. The rocks are tall and craggy, and they are surrounded by a canyon. The sky is blue and cloudless.
White Pocket has equally beautiful rock formations as the wave, but is far less crowded | Photo credit: Dave and Jamie of Photo Jeepers

We booked the overnight White Pocket Photography Tour with Dreamland Safari. Staying overnight meant we were right there for sunset and sunrise – the best times of day for taking photos.

And it’s a bonus for photographers who enjoy night photography as well. Booking a tour meant everything was taken care of for us so we could focus on exploring White Pocket so we found it very worthwhile.

The nearby town of Kanab has outfitters that offer many tour options. It’s a terrific way to visit the area if you don’t have the right vehicle to access destinations that require a high clearance 4WD vehicle like White Pocket or The Great Chamber.

Plus you learn a lot from the tour guides who have a love for the wild places of the Utah/Arizona borderlands and enjoy sharing tips and information.

If you have more time in this area, a final recommendation is to plan a backpacking trip to Paria Canyon.

13. Explore Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: 2 hours, 55 miles

Female hiker on red sandstone Nautilus Trail in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument
BFT Team Member Linda hiking the Nautilus Trail which features a unique sandstone formation that resembles the inside of a seashell

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument encompasses nearly 1.87 million acres of public lands in southern Utah.

It’s filled with incredible landscapes and is an open frontier for exploration whether you want to hike, go for a scenic drive, explore slot canyons, or see natural arches.

From nearby Page, AZ, you can easily access nearby hiking trails right off of highway 89 including Wahweap Hoodoos and The Toadstools, two of our favorite easy hikes that will take you through unique landscapes that showcase sandstone spires.

There are some nice hiking trails near White House Campground as well, including the Nautilus, a hike to a unique spiral sandstone formation that’s definitely worthwhile.

Plan your visit to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

14. Visit Kanab, Utah

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: 1 hour 15 minutes, 74 miles

Kanab Utah welcome sign

Kanab, Utah is a small town situated in the heart of the breathtaking Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Along the 1 hour drive from Page, you’ll find fun things to see, do, and photograph like the Toadstool Hoodoos, Old Paria, and Johnson Canyon.

You can spend a day exploring Kanab hikes and slot canyons, sledding down the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, or ATVing on the many red sand trails!

Also, be sure to save some time to walk around downtown. Kanab is a beautiful and unique outdoor town with great restaurants (stop at Kanab Creek Bakery for breakfast and you won’t be disappointed!).

15. Visit the Grand Canyon

>> Driving distance from Page, AZ: 2.5 hours, 135 miles

If the Grand Canyon is on your bucket list, you can drive 2.5 hours one way from Page to spend a day at either the North Rim or South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Visiting the South Rim

From Page, you’ll access Desert View Drive to enter Grand Canyon National Park at the East Entrance and drive 23 miles to reach the main Grand Canyon Visitor Center area.

There are six developed canyon viewpoints and five unmarked pullouts – we recommend stopping at them all! Desert View Drive is open to private vehicles year-round.

During the busy season, parking could be a problem at the South Rim Visitor Center area, which has access to restaurants, gift shops, and overlooks.

We recommend you pack food for your excursion and be prepared to eat at any of the picnic areas along Desert View Drive in case you can’t find a parking spot at the South Rim.

We also found there aren’t many places to get food along the drive from Page to the South Rim so it’s best to stock up in Page with everything you’ll need for the day.

Landscape views out over Grand Canyon from the South Rim
Views out over the South Rim | Photo credit: Dave and Jamiy of Photo Jeepers

Visiting the North Rim

Due to its elevation at over 8,000 feet and snowy conditions in the winter, the North Rim is closed from December 1 through mid-May.

The North Rim isn’t as busy as the South Rim – only 10% of Grand Canyon visitors visit the North Rim. The temperatures are also much cooler.

Spend half a day exploring the scenic drives, pullouts, and short walks at Point Imperial and Cape Royal. The roads to both points are narrow and windy so no RVs over 22 feet are allowed.

We also recommend walking to Bright Angel Point for a classic view of the canyon. From the North Rim Grand Canyon Lodge, follow the paved 0.5 mile round-trip trail to the overlook.

Note there are stairs, steep sections, and places with drop-offs to complete the full hike. If you can’t do the hike, be sure to check out the view from the Lodge patio!

Landscape views out over the Grand Canyon from the North Rim
The North Rim offers a different perspective of the Grand Canyon that not many visitors get to see | Photo credit: Dave and Jamie of Photo Jeepers

Plan your visit to The Grand Canyon

Landscape views out over the Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona
The Bright Angel Trail is one of the most popular trails from the South Rim, for good reason!

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4-Day Page, Arizona Itinerary

Many visitors pass through Page for just a day, but there are so many amazing and interesting things to do around this area that we recommend staying for a couple of days.

Here is our 4-day Page itinerary tailored toward outdoor lovers to help you see some of the best sights in the area:

  • Day 1: Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon
  • Day 2: Lake Powell
  • Day 3: The Grand Canyon
  • Day 4: Kanab

Day 1

  • Get up early to catch the sunrise at Horseshoe Bend
  • Breakfast and visit local shops in Page
  • Explore Antelope Canyon with a tour
  • Dinner in town

Day 2

  • Drive to Waheap Overlook for sunrise
  • Stop at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center & hike the Hanging Gardens Trail
  • Visit the Waheap Marina where you can rent boats or book a tour
  • Head to Lone Rock Beach to camp, kayak/SUP, or have a picnic dinner

Day 3

  • Visit the Grand Canyon. Both the North Rim and South Rim are roughly 2.5 hours one-way from Page

Day 4

  • Drive out to Kanab and stop at the unique sites along the way
  • Try your hand at a Daily Lottery for The Wave
  • Visit White Pocket, Peek-a-Boo Canyon, or one of the many other amazing places around Kanab

Best Time To Visit Page, Arizona

Page is really a year-round destination. We’ve been able to visit every season and through every type of weather.

For the most moderate weather and temperatures, the best time of year to visit Page is spring and fall.

During the spring months of March to May and the fall months of September to November, temperatures range from highs between 60 and 80 and lows between 40 and 55 degrees F.

Winter can be a terrific time to visit when there are fewer people, but from December to February the average highs are around 45-50 and lows around 30-35 degrees F.

It doesn’t snow often in Page in the winter. But when it does, it’s usually a small amount, and the white snow against the red rock landscape is so pretty!

We really like visiting Page in the winter to avoid the crowds. We also don’t mind the cold or snow as long as we have winter gear & layers.

Summer in Page will be HOT – highs can exceed 100 degrees F! It’s best to limit outdoor activities to the cooler mornings and evenings and avoid the hottest part of the day.

It’s also important to stay hydrated and use sun protection like wide-brimmed hats, UV protection clothing, and sunscreen.

Getting to Page, Arizona

The small town of Page is located along Highway 89 in northern Arizona just a few miles from the Utah border.

The closest airport is located in Flagstaff, which is two hours away by car. From there, you can rent a car or take a shuttle to Page.

Flagstaff is a smaller airport, so if you’re looking to fly into a major city airport, you can fly into either Las Ve

Best Places to Stay in Page, Arizona

Page is our preferred home base to access all the things to do in the area. It’s also the perfect location to access a variety of day trips to the Grand Canyon, Kanab, and Flagstaff!

When looking for the best places to stay in Page, you can’t beat the Lake Powell Resort, which sits right on the lake near Wahweap Marina. The hotel has rooms with a view of the lake as well as campsites for those who want to enjoy the starry night skies. Lodging here is very popular so be sure to get reservations in advance.

There are plenty of other accommodation options in Page like resorts, boutique and chain hotels, vacation rentals, glamping, RV Parks, and campgrounds. We have stayed in a variety of hotels in Page, but we prefer vacation rentals so we have a kitchen.

For those who prefer camping, check out Lone Rock Beach to stay right on the sandy beach of Lake Powell!

To see more of Jamie & Dave’s work, check out PhotoJeepers.

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Have you visited Page, Arizona? What are your favorite things to do in the area? What would you add to your Page, Arizona itinerary? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Standing on top of Horeshoe Bend we saw people Kayaking the Colorado. There are several companies that will backhaul you from Lee’s Ferry up the Colorado to either Glen Canyon Dam for a 14 mile ( likely overnight trip) or to just above Horseshoe Bend for a 8 mile kayak back to Lee’s Ferry. The 8 mile trip took us about 4 hours without side hikes. No rapids but a little choppy in places. Great to see the canyon from the top and Bottom. The backhaul cost about $85 per person ( we have our own kayaks). More if you rent a kayak. Loved this experience so much we have done it twice.