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As a pioneer in the outdoor blogging space, Kristen Bor provides practical tips, relatable stories, and an authentic perspective that inspires and empowers readers to explore the outdoors more confidently. Join 25k+ readers who subscribe to her weekly newsletter where you can connect on a personal note.

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    about Kristen

    With two decades of hiking and seven years of van life under her belt, Kristen Bor has has dedicated her life to helping people experience the positive effects of nature.

    With 3.5 million annual page views, Kristen’s writing reaches over 2.2 million outdoor enthusiasts each year and is one of the most popular blogs focused on outdoor adventure in the United States.


    Kristen’s adventures have included 22-days backpacking on the John Muir Trail, hiking 14ers in Colorado, trekking in Nepal and Patagonia, backpacking in Alaska, and more.

    Van Lifer

    Kristen has lived in three different Sprinter Vans, providing her with a unique expertise that she shares with her community.


    Kristen has been a full-time blogger for 10 years and has since published more than 350 blog posts about hiking, camping, and van life reaching more than 2.5 million people every year.

    Bearfoot Theory and Open Roads Fest founder Kristen Bor speaking at opening night of Open Roads Fest. There is a banner with the Open Roads Fest logo behind her
    Kristen speaking at Open Roads Fest

    Kristen Bor didn’t grow up hiking and camping, and as a self-taught outdoor enthusiast, she wants to help others avoid the pitfalls that she had to learn the hard way. Her honesty and approachable voice make her a trusted guide for millions of people that come to Bearfoot Theory every year looking for helpful resources for getting outside. 

    Back in 2014, Kristen worked in the environmental policy field in Washington, DC. Spending her days in the office and nights at happy hours, she had drifted far away from the outdoorsy person she dreamed of being. Something in her life was missing, and she knew she needed to make a big change. 

    With this realization, Kristen left her DC career behind. She fled the city, moved to the mountains, and started Bearfoot Theory to document her experiences in the outdoors. Two years later, she got a van, hit the road, and has been hiking, backpacking and road tripping around North America ever since.

    With her extensive van life experience, in 2019 and 2022, Kristen conceptualized and organized Open Road Fest, a 4-day campout in Idaho that brought together some of the best brands in the van life space with a vibrant community of more than 450 vanlifers and outdoor enthusiasts. This event is a testament to her vision of creating fun and supportive spaces where people can connect over a shared love of adventure.

    Today, Kristen continues to travel part-time in her van and is based in Utah with her partner Ryan, their son, and two adventure pups. 


    Kristen Bor’s writing and expertise has been shared in online outlets, podcasts, television, print magazines, and books.

    National Geographic Logo

    As a National Geographic Travel Contributor, Kristen served as a talent in a video about Buenos Aires.

    Lonely Planet logo

    Kristen shared her expertise in an interview about her experience as a van lifer

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    Forbes interviewed Kristen about leaving her Washington DC career to become a full-time travel blogger

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    Kristen was a guest on the Oboz Footwear podcast where she discussed cultivating an outdoor community

    Matador Network Logo

    Kristen has published a variety of travel articles on Matador Network about the Western United States

    Good Things Utah logo

    Kristen was interviewed on live television where she shared her tips for planning a camper van road trip

    Kristen was interviewed by Whole 30 Founder, Melissa Urban, where she shared essential summer hiking tips

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    Kristen was interviewed about how to run a successful outdoor blog and online business from the road

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