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Are you an exciting outdoor gear, lifestyle brand, or destination looking to reach a new audience and take your product to new levels? I partner with like-minded brands whose products inspire and help people live better lives outside.

About Bearfoot Theory

Bearfoot Theory is an award winning outdoor adventure travel blog where I help readers discover new destinations, face their outdoor fears, and get their hands on the best gear.

With 3.5 million annual page views, Bearfoot Theory reaches over 2.2 million US-based outdoor enthusiasts each year and is one of the leading blogs focusing on outdoor adventure in the United States.

Bearfoot Theory readers are avid hikers, van lifers, backpackers, and road trippers who prioritize getting outside.

Get the scoop on the best backpacking backpacks for women that are comfortable and lightweight and learn how to choose the best pack for you.
Who Bearfoot Theory works with

Does this sound like your brand?

These are the types of brands, destinations, and experiences that I promote on Bearfoot Theory:

  • Durable, high quality outdoor gear
  • Epic outdoor experiences and destinations
  • Brands that prioritize ethical and sustainable business practices
  • Brands that have a budget
  • Brands that value long term returns over short term exposure
Bearfoot Theory keeps good company

Bearfoot Theory’s Services

These are the three main ways I work with brands, along with custom packages that are designed to meet your goals. I find that these offerings provide the most engagement, sales, and long-term value for my partners.

Sponsored Blog Content

Bearfoot Theory a variety of placement options available in existing and new SEO optimized blog content that ensures long-term value.

Newsletter Promotion

Reach Bearfoot Theory’s most dedicated community members in a feature in my weekly newsletter that has a 50% open rate.


Giveaways are a win-win and designed to capture email addresses for your list. Giveaways typically result in 2,000-6,000 emails.

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Please note: Bearfoot Theory doesn’t accept guests posts from brands. Also while my team and I love free gear, it doesn’t pay the bills. At this time, I have to prioritize paid placements.