Campervan Rental Companies for your US Road Trip

Rent an adventuremobile from one of these camper van rental companies & choose from Sprinters, Vanagons, Ford Transits, Sportsmobiles & more!


Disclaimer: We haven’t used any of these companies personally but we get this question often so we wanted to offer a round-up of companies across the United States that offer campervan rentals. 

Looking to check-off multiple parks in one big road trip and don’t want to deal with hotels or setting up a tent every night? Or maybe you are thinking about #vanlife, but you’re not 100% sure you want to commit fully? Renting a campervan for your next US-based road trip gives you the opportunity to experience van life, get off the beaten path, and have a more spontaneous vacation. With the increasing popularity of van life, there are new campervan rental companies popping up all over the country, offering convenience and comfortable amenities.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to renting a camper van for your next US vacation. Depending on where you want to travel, daily rental fees may be a lot cheaper than a hotel room, and you can also save on food since most come with a kitchen sink, cooking equipment, fridge, and stove.


Most-established camper van rental company: Jucy USA RV Rentals

Rental Locations: San Francisco, Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

Jucy vans include a fridge, two stoves, and even a kitchen sink! All vehicles seat 5 people and sleep up to 4 (two double beds). Jucy rentals can range from $33-$100 a day based on the time of year you plan to travel. Oh, and if your planning to hit the beach or maybe take a shower don’t worry, towels are included with your rental. One less thing to pack! While this post focuses on rentals in the United States, Jucy campervan rentals are also available in New Zealand and Australia.

For Fun Camper Van Photos: Escape Camper Vans

Rental Locations: Big cities like Denver, Las Vegas, San Fran, LA, Miami, NY or Seattle

What makes Escape Camper Vans stand out are their hand-painted designs, which are sure to make for some fun photos from your trip. Know that you’re going to stand out though. Escape Camper Vans offer two different models that can seat up to 5 passengers and sleep up to 4 (if you book a rooftop sleeper). For a quick weekend trip, rates run just over $100 a day, but the longer you rent, the lower rates will drop. All rentals include propane gas for the stove. According to Escape Camper Van’s website, Phoenix, Atlanta and Vancouver are coming soon as new locations for rentals.

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Best Camper Van Beds: Lost Camper USA

Rental Locations: Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Seattle or San Fransisco

Known for their full-size beds with “real whole mattresses” Lost Camper is all about the comfort! They offer four different types of rentals, ranging from $33-$54 dollars a day. Vans have sinks, sliding doors on both sides, awnings and a dining table. They also get up to 24 mpg on the highway which makes them a cost-effective option for long trips.

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For Camper Van Rentals By Owner: Campanda Outdoorsy / RV Share

Rental Locations: All over the US

These three websites are all similar in that they offer camper van rentals by owner. These campervan rental companies are essentially the AirBnB’s of RV rentals. You’ll start by entering your location, and then you can search by a variety of factors such as driveable RV’s, class Bs, trailers, and price. If you have an RV that you rarely use these sites are great for making a little extra side cash.

Rent an adventuremobile from one of these camper van rental companies & choose from Sprinters, Vanagons, Ford Transits, Sportsmobiles & more!

Most Luxurious Camper Van Option: Mercedes Sprinter RV Rentals

Rental Locations: 21 locations in the Western US

Offering weekly, 10-night, 14-night,  21-night,  or 28-night rentals departing from 21 locations in the Western US, this company solely offers Mercedes Sprinter luxury camper vans for rent. All their vans have full bathrooms with a shower, sink, and toilet. They are also decked out with ovens and TVs for late night movies. These campervans can seat up to 7 people and sleep up to 2 adults and 2 children. Be prepared though–all of these amenities can run you about $400-$500 a night.

Vintage Camper Van Rentals: Vintage Surfari Wagons 

Rental Location: Costa Mesa, CA (Southern California)

Ever dreamed of taking a vacation in a nostalgic Volkswagon camper bus? We have! Here is your opportunity to flash back to the 1970’s/80’s  era with these great campervan rentals out of the Los Angeles area. Daily rentals during low/mid season range from $129-$149 dollars a day. During the high season, they only permit weekly rentals which run $1200 for a week. What a great way to explore in style!

Rent an adventuremobile from one of these camper van rental companies & choose from Sprinters, Vanagons, Ford Transits, Sportsmobiles & more!

Rocky Mountain Ready Vans: Native Campervans

Rental Location: Denver, Colorado

We love that Native Campervans classifies their rentals as either “biggie” or “smalls.” Biggie is a Dodge ProMaster that rides and sleeps 2 and is stunning inside. Their “smalls” are converted “soccer mom vans” that can ride 5 and sleep 2 inside (but you can always pitch a tent for extra bodies). 100 free daily miles are included with rentals.

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Best Option for a West-Coast Road Trip: PeaceVanRentals

Rental Locations: Seattle, WA

Technically based in Seattle, WA, PeaceVanRentals offers Pacific Northwest campervan rentals, as well as limited one-way rentals between Seattle, WA and Santa Cruz, CA. They have Vanagons & Eurovans, each with a slightly different design. They have a six-night minimum with rates beginning at $1,290 for 6 nights. The only way to get around the 6-night minimum is by signing up for their low-season pass program which gives you a total number of nights per year that you can use throughout the off-season.

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Sprinter Pop-Top Rentals: VentureVans

Rental Location: Jackson, Wyoming

This is one of the only companies we’ve found that offers Sprinter pop-tops for rent. They are based in Jackson, Wyoming so it’s a perfect option for folks wanting to explore Yellowstone and the Tetons (if this is you, check out our 7-day Yellowstone/Teton itinerary). VentureVans accommodate 4 people with 2 double beds, and even have a toilet. No pets are allowed, and drivers must be at least 25 or older.

Best Island Camper Van Rentals: Hawaii Surf Campers

Rental Location: North Shore of Oahu, HI

Hawaii Surf Campers offer a full range of campervans for rent, from Volkswagens to Ford Econlines and start at $140 a night. They offer airport pick-ups and drop-offs for a small fee. One cool perk, they partner with a local Surf School where you can get discounted lessons, and you can add a surfboard to any rental for an additional fee.

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Idaho Based Camper Van Rentals: WanderVans

Rental Location: Boise, Idaho

WanderVans has three different sized vans with prices ranging from $95 to $120 a day. They are one of the few campervan rental companies we found that is dog-friendly, and being based in Boise, it’s a great option for exploring Idaho’s Sawtooth mountains.

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Ford Econoline Sportsmobile Rentals: Roamerica

Rental Location: Portland, Oregon

Roamerica allows you to travel anywhere in the US and Canada with your Sportsmobile pop-top campervan rental.  They are located in Portland and offer free airport pick-up at no additional cost, so you can start exploring the Pacific Northwest as quickly as possible! They include Oregon, Washington & California Gazatteer Maps and a deck of cards with all rentals. Bikes & paddleboards are available for rent as well. A 6-night minimum is required during high season (May-September).

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Which of these camper van rental companies would you like to explore with? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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  1. CamperVanGuy will outfit you with the van and gear if starting your trip in the Los Angeles area.

      Thanks, Jody! We weren’t aware of CamperVanGuy, looks like a neat company for those starting in LA! Thanks for posting.

    Wow I didn’t know there were so many good options! I’m hoping to do a US Road trip sometime next year, and can’t wait to explore a bit more of my own country

    A great campervan alternative we found is Pacific Overlander ( Their vehicles are totally tricked out and got us through the southwest without having to think about campsite reservations at all. Opened up a whole new way to do our road trips. Highly recommended!

    Great post, Kim! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you might need a bay area company on this list 😉 I recently launched Outervan, a handcrafted campervan rental company.

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