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Getting outside is that simple, and here on Bearfoot Theory we show you how.

But first things first. We aren’t your typical outdoor website. We don’t feature pro-athletes hucking themselves off cliffs or kayaking class 5 rapids. No. None of that crazy stuff. We are a blog for EVERYDAY PEOPLE. Hikers. Campers. Backpackers. Paddlers. Sun-bathers. If we can do it, so can you.

With the right information, the right gear, and a healthy dose of inspiration, we break down the barriers that prevent you from getting outside or taking that first big trip abroad. Time? Money? Skills? Gear? We tackle all of these roadblocks and show you that traveling and getting outside is easy and accessible. Whether you’re a complete outdoor newbie or have trekked all around the globe, Bearfoot Theory is the place you’ll find relatable advice, trip reports, and useful tips to help you simplify your adventure planning – so you can stop making excuses and start spending more time outside.

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Kristen Bor is the Sprinter van-dwelling, booty-shaking, GoPro toting full-time adventure travel blogger behind Bearfoot Theory. She loves live music, sunsets, and a strong cup of coffee and believes there is no better cure than a walk in the woods and a healthy dose of fresh air.  She grew up in Idaho and has since worked as a SCUBA Instructor in Thailand, a deckhand in Hawaii, a research assistant for the Channel Islands, and most recently as a conservation policy advocate in the halls of Congress. In 2014, she quit her Washington DC job and started Bearfoot Theory as a way to help more people get outside. She didn’t grow up camping and hiking and wanted to show people that it’s never too late to start by sharing her favorite destinations, gear, and tips for living a more adventurous life. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Oh and the name Bearfoot Theory comes from the Grateful Dead dancing bear tattoo she has on her right foot.



Linda is an outdoor adventure loving environmental advocate who travels at every opportunity. She and Kristen met back in 2008 while working on their Master’s degrees in Environmental Science & Management at UC Santa Barbara. Linda left her office job working for a sustainability non-profit in 2012 and spent fifteen months traveling from California to the southern tip of Argentina in a VW Vanagon with her now husband. After that life changing experience, she created a remote career in marketing for herself in order to have more flexibility and freedom in her life. When she’s not traveling, she divides her time between San Diego and San Jose del Cabo in Mexico, driving up and down Baja California each year and exploring all the beauty the peninsula has to offer. At Bearfoot Theory, she manages our partnerships, outreach, and overall operations. Feel free to connect with Linda on Instagram.


MARY KATHRYN JACKSON, Content & Community Manager

Mary Kathryn is a full-time van lifer, long-time yogi, and a native Floridian who grew up snorkeling the coral reefs of the tropics. She’s since lived in the far corners of the US as a yoga teacher, energy medicine practitioner, health and wellness coach, professional photographer, and writer. Her educational background is in psychology, communication, and marketing, and she holds certifications in other holistic modalities. Inspired to live a minimal lifestyle with more opportunities to get outside, she and her partner hit the road in 2017 in their self-converted Sprinter van. Mary Kathryn is into backpacking, surfing, barefoot hiking, practicing yoga, astrology, and herbalism – anything that brings her closer to nature and its inhabitants. Here at Bearfoot Theory, she’s the Content and Community Manager, and she’s always happy to help others get outside! Feel free to reach out to her on Instagram and her website: www.marykathrynjackson.com

SAMANTHA JOHNSON, Social Media Coordinator

Sam is an outdoor enthusiast and mental health advocate who has been living and traveling full time in her self-converted Sprinter van since 2018. Sam is native to Portland, Oregon, grew up exploring the PNW with her family, and still can’t be made to choose between the ocean or the mountains. At 30 years old, she decided to ditch the “comforts” of her current life and left her job in the mortgage industry in search of true happiness and rich life experiences that can’t be bought. Now, she spends her days traveling North America with her feline companion, Cashew, seeking out secluded hot springs to soak in, volunteer opportunities in local communities she visits, and of course, good community on the road. You can find Sam (and Cashew) on Instagram @SamVanZam or her website SamVanZam.com


"Goin' where the wind don't blow so strange, Maybe off on some high cold mountain chain."

What our readers say

Raised in the northeast and always on the ocean, getting into the mountains to hike and camp are new adventures for me! The information on Bearfoot Theory has been motivation to just get out there and DO IT!  Your posts help me think about essentials, planning, safety and fun!  I especially like your gear lists.  I appreciate that you take time to explain not only why I need an item, but you explain why you recommend that brand or item. Thanks for being an inspiration and educator!

I’ve only been following Kristen for a few months, but she has answers to a lot of my outdoor questions! While I am not a newcomer to the outdoor world, her product reviews are solid (thanks to the introduction of the Jack Black lip balm!) and her traveling suggestions are very helpful.  She provides knowledge on a variety of topics, of which, is all her first hand experience so I enjoy that she is honest and open.  I know I will be utilizing her website as I continue to dive into the world of sprinter van life.

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