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    What our community says…

    Hi, I’m Kristen

    I know getting outside isn’t always easy

    I didn’t grow up hiking and camping, and in my twenty years as a hiker, camper, and backpacker, I’ve had my share of tough moments. I used to feel overwhelmed trying to squeeze in adventure on the weekends, only to find myself forgetting important gear, being unprepared for the elements, or unsuccessfully attempting a poorly planned outing. As a self-taught outdoor enthusiast, I want to help you avoid the pitfalls I’ve learned the hard way (and the disappointment that comes along with it). 

    As a full-time outdoor blogger for the last 10 years, my goal is to save you time, support you in your journey outdoors, and help to feel prepared for whatever nature throws at you.

    My free Outdoor Trip Planning toolkit and weekly email series will help you get out the door quickly, so not a single second of your time outside is wasted.

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