5 Jan, 2017

Planning your Everest Base Camp Trek: The Ultimate Logistics Guide

The most common questions about an Everest Base Camp trek answered! Learn about guided vs independent, altitude sickness, transportation, gear & logistics.

8 Nov, 2016

Everest Basecamp Female Packing List

If you are headed to Nepal for an Everest Basecamp trek, you'll want to be prepared for a variety of

2 Nov, 2016

20 Stunning Everest Basecamp Trek Photos to Inspire your Adventure

Thinking of traveling to Nepal? Here's my 20 best photos from my 11-day Everest Basecamp trek to inspire your next adventure?

29 Sep, 2016

Best Places to go on a Safari in Tanzania

Want to see the incredible wildlife of the Serengeti? Learn about my trip to Africa & get recommendations for the best places to go on a safari in Tanzania.

28 Jun, 2016

Chasing Waterfalls on Milford Sound with Cruise Milford

Exploring fiords, waterfalls & wildlife in Milford Sound is a must for anyone traveling to New Zealand! This post has the details on my boat tour with Cruise Milford.

24 Jun, 2016

10 Tips for Driving in New Zealand

Get ready to navigate those roundabouts while driving on the left side of the road. Here's my essential tips and the key laws you need to be aware of before getting behind the wheel in New Zealand.

5 May, 2016

Queenstown Travel Tips: Where to Eat, Stay & Things to Do

Got 2 or 3 days in Queenstown? Learn how to maximize your time with these travel tips that include the best places to stay and eat and awesome things to do in the adventure capital of New Zealand.

14 Apr, 2016

Milford Sound Helicopter Flight above New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park

If you want to see the best of New Zealand, you really need to get above it all! Check out my video, photos, and full recap of my helicopter flight above Milford Sound.

4 Apr, 2016

Glass Making Class in Queenstown via LocalEyez

There's more to New Zealand than bungee jumping and climbing mountains. There is also a thriving art culture to explore that you won't find in the guidebooks. Learn about my one-one-one glass making workshop with local a Queenstown glass artist where I got behind the torch and try my hand at making some unique glass beads.

28 Mar, 2016

Doubtful Sound Overnight Kayak Tour with Go Orange

Doubtful Sound is a little known secret in New Zealand....waterfalls, lush rainforest & giant cliffs with a fraction of the people as Milford Sound. Escape the crowds on a quiet overnight kayaking tour and experience Pure. Wild. New Zealand.

27 Mar, 2016

The Top New Zealand Instagram Acccounts

Looking for New Zealand travel inspiration? Use this list of the top New Zealand Instagram accounts to discover the best destinations & plan your dream trip.

16 Mar, 2016

Join me in Nepal for the Trek of a Lifetime!

I’m inviting you take a leap and join me on the adventure of a lifetime. On October 8th, I’m headed to Nepal for a 16-day all-inclusive Everest Basecamp guided trek, where I’ll be hiking through the Himalayas, visiting Buddhist monasteries & coming face to face with the mountain of all mountains. Get the details, sign up & get ready to see an amazing part of the world!