Bodega Bay Camping: 5 Best Campgrounds + Tips For Your Visit

Uncover the best of Bodega Bay camping. Get insights on scenic campsites, amenities & tips for an unforgettable beach adventure.

Man and woman relaxing in chairs under campervan awning on beach at sunset

If you’ve ever been to California, you’ve probably seen some of the beautiful campgrounds that dot the Pacific Coast. But have you ever wanted to experience that beachside camping yourself? Bodega Bay camping is the perfect answer!

When I lived in San Francisco, Bodega Bay was my go-to camping spot because it’s less than a 2-hour drive from the city and it’s one of the most picturesque hidden gems on the Sonoma Coast.

Camping in Bodega Bay means falling asleep to the sound of the crashing waves of the Pacific, strolling on expansive beaches during the day, and seeing abundant wildlife.

There’s also a spot in Bodega Bay — on the famous Bodega Head — that is one of the best spots in California to see the migration of grey whales!

But with so many great Bodega Bay campgrounds, how do you decide which one to choose?

Let’s dive into my complete Bodega Bay camping guide, so you can determine which campground is right for you.

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    Why Visit Bodega Bay?

    Located a 1.5-hour drive north of San Francisco, Bodega Bay beckons travelers with its stunning coastal beauty and serene atmosphere.

    Nestled along the Pacific Ocean, the town offers picturesque landscapes of sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and rugged coastlines, making it a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

    With so many interesting things to do in Bodega Bay, it’s a great place to pitch a tent or roll up in an RV or campervan.

    Visitors can indulge in various outdoor activities, including hiking along scenic trails, birdwatching, kayaking, and fishing.

    The area’s fresh seafood restaurants delight the palate, while its association with the filming of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” adds a touch of cinematic charm.

    Whether seeking relaxation by the ocean or adventure amidst nature, Bodega Bay promises an unforgettable coastal escape.

    Note: Some confuse Bodega Bay with the hamlet of Bodega, which is a ten-minute drive inland from the coast.

    How to Get to Bodega Bay

    Bodega Bay sits at the southernmost point on the Sonoma County coast, a genuinely charming fishing village offering a laid-back coastal vibe, several campgrounds, great hiking, and casual restaurants.

    Located just 67 miles from the Bay Area and about an hour west of Napa Valley, a trip to the coastal paradise of Bodega Bay can easily be combined with stops in San Francisco and wine tasting in Napa.

    For those flying in from out of town, San Francisco (SFO) and Oakland (OAK) are your closest major airports.

    Wildflowers blooming on banks of Bodega Bay in California with ocean waves crashing on beach

    Best Bodega Bay Campgrounds

    Bodega Bay is an excellent spot for camping because of its low-key coastal vibe and the cool breeze of the Pacific Ocean. It offers a variety of campgrounds catering to different preferences, from beachfront sites to family-friendly options.

    For outdoor lovers, this area boasts incredible hikes and trails that offer stunning views of the Harbor and Pacific. There is also easy access to some of the best seafood restaurants in the state.

    Camping in California is very popular. Reservations can be made year-round at campgrounds, so plan ahead to ensure availability.

    1. Wright’s Beach Campground

    • Great for: Camping right on the beach
    • Facilities: Restrooms, picnic tables, food lockers, fire rings
    • # of sites: 27
    • Dogs allowed? Yes, on-leash
    • Good to know: Showers, potable water, and a dump station are available at Bodega Dunes Campground 5 miles away. There are no electric or water hook-ups at Wright’s Beach.
    Tents and vans at Wright's Beach Campground in California
    Campsites are right on the beach at Wright’s Campground | Photo credit: Jessica Iler

    Wright’s Beach sits on the most extensive beach between Bodega Bay and the Russian River. It’s also located within Sonoma State Park along with Bodega Dunes Campground below.

    With 27 oceanfront camping spots offering a mix of tent and RV campsites (no hook-ups), you are truly beach camping.

    Campsites are equipped with restrooms, picnic tables, food lockers, and a fire ring, but no showers on site. If you want a shower, drive five miles south to Bodega Dunes.

    Wright’s Beach also has an $ 8-day use fee which helps cuts down the crowds.

    Plan your Wright’s Beach Camping Stay

    • For a reservation: It’s recommended that you make reservations in advance by calling 707-875-3483. Or by going to The California State Parks website (search Sonoma Coast State Park).
    • Location: 7095 Highway 1, Bodega Bay, California.
    • Things to do at Wright’s Beach: Enjoy whale watching from January to May when whales migrate past this area. Thrill-seekers can partake in hang gliding, while those seeking a scenic adventure can opt for hiking the Kortum Trail. This trail offers an easy, cliff-side short hike approximately 4.5 miles roundtrip between Wright’s Beach and Blind Beach. The trailhead for the Kortum Trail can be found at Shell Beach, which is a great spot for beachcombing and exploring tide pools.

    2. Bodega Dunes Campground

    • Great for: Longer stays
    • Facilities: Potable water, restrooms, hot showers, picnic tables, food lockers, fire rings, dump station
    • # of sites: 99
    • Dogs allowed? Yes, on-leash
    • Good to know: Leashed dogs and campfires are allowed in the campground, but not on the beach. Firewood for the first pits is available for purchase
    Sandy path leading to ocean in California
    Photo credit: Jessica Iler

    Bodega Dunes is my favorite camping getaway spot in Bodega Bay and Sonoma Stake Park (and one of our favorite California beach campgrounds in general). When I lived in San Francisco, I camped at Bodega Dunes in all the different seasons, almost always in my tent and once in a teardrop.

    Bodega Dunes Campground overlooks the northern end of Bodega Harbor. The campground is on the coast but not directly on the beach.

    A short walk to a switchback boardwalk drops you right onto the beach near the campground. Campers can fall asleep to the sound of the water at night with a million stars above their tent.

    The spots are pretty large but still within sight and sound of neighbors. This is a very dog-friendly campground, which is nice because I like to travel with my dog.

    It can get pretty cold and damp overnight, so cover up any firewood and anything you want to avoid getting wet. Bodega Bay gets a lot of fog in the morning, especially during summer.

    Bodega Dunes is also an excellent location for its ten-minute drive to some of the area’s best casual and fine-dining seafood restaurants.

    This campground features 99 tent campsites, hot showers, flush toilets, and several restrooms with electrical outlets. Friendly Park Rangers will sell you firewood for fire pits.

    Plan your Bodega Dunes Camping Stay

    • For a reservation: To make a reservation call (707) 875-3483 or book online. Reservations are highly recommended. 
    • Location: 2485 Highway 1, Bodega Bay, California.
    • Things to do at Bodega Dunes: Play on the beach, fly a kite, or just walk. Visitors can also observe the Western Snowy Plovers in their natural habitat. These birds are adorable little gray-and-white endangered shorebirds.

    3. Doran Beach Campground

    • Great for: Swimming & water sports
    • Facilities: Potable water, restrooms, coin-operated showers, picnic tables, fire rings, dump station, boat launch
    • # of sites: 120
    • Dogs allowed? Yes, on-leash
    • Good to know: There are no hook-ups and generator hours are 8am to 8pm
    kids playing in shallow water at Doran Beach in California
    Photo credit: Jessica Iler

    Doran Regional Park is a popular destination for camping enthusiasts at the southernmost edge of Bodega Harbor. It’s one of the best spots to camp in because Doran Beach is a short walk to one of the best beaches in Bodega Bay.

    Its golden-sand beach stretches two miles between Bodega Harbor and the open ocean and offers more than 120 tent and RV campsites.

    While not all Bodega Bay beaches are safe for swimming, a few – including Doran Beach – are. The long and wide Doran Beach is an excellent spot for families to enjoy playing in the ocean in the summer.

    Because it’s south-facing, the waves are usually gentle and it is the only coastal beach in Sonoma County that is safe for swimming, boogie boarding, and surfing. The surf is dangerous at most other beaches along the Sonoma Coast, so swimming and wading are not advised.

    Plan your Doran Beach Camping Stay

    • For a reservation: Book online at Doran Regional Park’s campsite reservation page.
    • Location: 201 Doran Beach Road, Bodega Bay, California.
    • Things to do at Doran Beach: The area has plenty of fun activities, especially Doran Beach, a short walk from the campground. Enjoy the beach and beach things like flying a kite, building a sandcastle, or going horse riding at the nearby Chanslor Stables.

      For water enthusiasts, the park’s boat launch offers sailing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding opportunities. If you’re into fishing, head to the west end’s rock jetty.

      I also recommend strolling along the Bird Walk Coastal Access Trail, which meanders along the scenic Bodega Bay salt marsh. During your walk, keep your eyes peeled for various bird species like geese, ducks, sandpipers, grebes, swallows, and hummingbirds.

    4. Westside Regional Park

    • Great for: Families
    • Facilities: Potable water, restrooms, coin-operated showers, picnic tables, fire rings, dump station, boat launch
    • # of sites: 46
    • Dogs allowed? Yes, on-leash (extra fee)
    • Good to know: There are no hook-ups and generator hours are 8am to 8pm
    Landscape photo of Bodega Bay Head coastline in California

    Westside Regional Park Campground sits on the southwest edge of Bodega Harbor and provides an ideal setting for fishing and hiking.

    Westside Regional Park offers picnic tables, restrooms with flush toilets, and coin-operated showers, making it family-friendly and easy to camp. It is also wheelchair-accessible.

    It’s a great spot because it’s within walking distance of Bodega Head and its many hiking trails with scenic ocean views.

    Travel Tip: Fresh crab is sold down the street from the Westside Regional Park Campground!

    Bodega Head, a massive granite promontory within Sonoma Coast State Park, provides a protective barrier for Bodega Harbor against the relentless storms of the Pacific Ocean and offers excellent panoramic views.

    Plan your Westside Regional Park Stay

    • For a reservation: Check their official website for reservation information and rates.
    • Location: 2400 Westshore Road, Bodega Bay, California
    • Things to do at Westside Regional Park: Walk to Bodega Head from the campground and see stunning views of the Pacific. One of the best whale-watching spots in California is on this 1.2-mile loop trail on the cliffs near the West Trail parking lot. The best time to spot whales is from October through February when Grey whales are southbound from Alaska to Mexico, and February through April, on their return voyage.

    5. Porto Bodega RV Park

    • Great for: RVers & families
    • Facilities: Potable water, restrooms, showers, picnic tables, fire rings, dump station, laundry, club house, on-site restaurant, boat ramp
    • # of sites: 58
    • Dogs allowed? Yes, on-leash
    • Good to know: No tents allowed
    Sailboat anchored in Bodega Bay Harbor in California
    Bodega Bay Harbor | Photo credit: Jessica Iler

    Porto Bodega RV Park is located at the northeastern end of Bodega Harbor, right on the water’s edge along 16 acres of the bay near a marina, where you’ll find various recreational and hiking opportunities nearby.

    Porto Bodega Marina & RV Park offers 58 RV sites and 12 are waterfront.

    Each site has a picnic table and fire pit and there’s also a clubhouse for group use.

    Plan your Porto Bodega RV Park Stay

    • For a reservation: Visit their website.
    • Location: 1500 Bay Flat Road, Bodega Bay, California
    • Things to do at Porto Bodega RV Park: Ginoccio’s restaurant, located right at the other end of the parking lot, has amazing breakfast and lunch. Go crabbing and fishing on the pier. Check out Doran Beach with its rock wall jetty and the beautiful beaches to the north.

    What to Pack for Bodega Bay Camping

    Bodega Bay experiences a mild coastal climate characterized by relatively moderate yearly temperatures. The region is influenced by the Pacific Ocean, which helps regulate the temperatures and creates a maritime climate.

    The average high temperature during the day in summer and spring ranges from the mid-60s to low 70s Fahrenheit (18-23°C), while lows are in the mid-50s to low 60s Fahrenheit (12-17°C). Summer months are typically dry and foggy mornings are common.

    While you might be camping during the summer, you still need to make sure you have a good sleeping bag for when temps dip in the evening. Packing extra blankets to be safe is a great idea, along with a groundsheet and sleeping pad for your tent to provide additional insulation and comfort.

    You’ll want lots of layers for camping and hiking, including an insulated jacket for chilly nights, a sunhat, and sunglasses. And make sure you bring a bathing suit for all the gorgeous Bodega Bay beaches and maybe a pair of binoculars for whale-watching.

    Have you visited Bodega Bay? What Bodega Bay camping tips do you have to share? What’s your favorite campground? Leave a comment below!

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