A Winter Hater’s Guide to Loving Winter

Love the outdoors but dread the colder months? We share our favorite winter adventures & tips in our winter haters guide to loving winter.


Here’s the thing, if you hate winter odds are that you’re just not doing it right. Let us put it this way: if you hate winter you just haven’t found the right outdoor winter adventure! Sure it’s cold but the only way to be warm is to get outside and get moving. And guess what, the colder months are just as beautiful and exciting as the summertime, it just takes a little more effort—and a few layers to make it happen. Trust us, it’s worth it.

At Bearfoot Theory, we’re pretty confident that inside every winter hater is a true winter lover.

Ready to get outside? Here is our winter hater’s guide to loving winter.

Find the Right Winter Sport For You

Before you even think about borrowing your friend’s skis (not that we are discouraging you!), think about what you would like to do first. The chances of you loving a winter sport are much higher if it sounds fun to begin with, not just doing it because you should. Does winter hiking to a warm cabin sound like your ideal afternoon or do you want more of an adventure like fat tire biking or snowmobiling? If you like it and you have fun, you’ll stick with it.

Loves the outdoors but hate winter? We'll share our favorite winter adventures in our winter haters guide to loving winter to get you outdoors & having fun.

Enjoy Your Winter Sport With Friends

Because being outside and alone in the cold isn’t really that much fun and because your friends will help distract you from the freezing temps or commiserate with you, win-win, right? Get outside and make some memories by playing frozen pond hockey or giving snowshoeing a shot with people you like being around. This way, you’ll always have someone to laugh with when you mess up or tell that story about the time you went ice fishing in subzero temps. Don’t forget, you never need an excuse to go inside and sip on a hot toddy or enjoy a cold beer, you earned it after all.

Enjoy Exploring A New Destination in the Winter

Maybe you’re not a big fan of winter but you do love traveling & exploring new locations. Pick a fabulous new winter destination to explore. We’ve got trip itineraries to take the stress out of planning that’ll allow you to get out the snow, have some fun, and see some new sights.

Here are our favorite winter destination itineraries:

Loves the outdoors but hate winter? We'll share our favorite winter adventures in our winter haters guide to loving winter to get you outdoors & having fun.

Dress Warm and Wear the Right Layers for Outdoor Winter Adventures

Mastering the art of proper winter layering is crucial for winter haters and winter lovers who want to have fun outside. Check out our guide to staying warm on the trail during winter hikes and in the meantime, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Base layers: Insulate your body with long underwear made from wool or other synthetic fabrics that won’t absorb sweat and make you cold.
  • Mid-layers: Think of this layer as your main protection from cold. Keep your core warm and wear loose yet somewhat snug layers of clothing over your base layer like a sweater, half-zip, fleece or even a lightweight down jacket if it’s really chilly out.
  • Outer layers: A shell, snow pants or gaiters will keep the elements out and help lock heat in. It’s even better when they have strategically-placed ventilation like pit or thigh zips to let out excess heat.
  • Extremities: Keep your neck and head warm with hats and scarves, cover your hands with gloves, wear warm woolen or poly-blend socks, boots and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

Winter Sports You Need to Try

While we at Bearfoot Theory are certainly biased towards skiing and winter hiking, there are so many fun winter sports to try and keep things fresh. Struggling to come up with some of your own ideas? Here are some of ours…

  • Skijoring
  • Snowmobiling
  • Frozen pond hockey
  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Outdoor ice skating rinks
  • Ice climbing
  • Winter hiking
  • Horseback riding
  • Ice fishing
  • Dog sledding
  • Snowshoeing

If you’re new to skiing we have a plethora of resources to support you as well:

End the Day Warming Up

Every winter lover knows the best thing to do after a day of outdoor winter adventures is to eat a good meal, drink something hot, and get cozy as you defrost around a crackling fire with friends. Now that doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Loves the outdoors but hate winter? We'll share our favorite winter adventures in our winter haters guide to loving winter to get you outdoors & having fun.

I hope this blog post encourages those looking for winter adventures to get outside. What other winter adventures would you add to our Winter Haters Guide to Loving Winter? Leave us a comment below.
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  1. Hi Kristen!

    So I have a total love/hate for winter! I love all the winter clothes and boots (I’m a huge fan of beanies), but I’m not a fan of winter winds! I live in San Antonio. We don’t get white winter wonderland. We get wet winters with nose biting winds haha!

    I do agree with your points on finding activities to make the weather more enjoyable. For me that’s hiking. Yea it’s a pain to hike in all the layers but! I have also had more luck on coming across wildlife in the coolers months, so it’s a win for me!

    What I loved the most was snowshoeing at Rocky mtn NP. It was a gorgeous day. Cold, but sunny.

    What would you recommend for people who want to try to get on the I love winter train but live in climates like mine?

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