A review of Montrail's leather hiking boots - the most comfortable hiking boots I've ever owned

Searching for the right pair of hiking boots can be an expensive process of trial and error, not to mention painful. And we’ve all been through it. You get a pair of boots that you are all excited about, and then you come home from your first hike with a zillion blisters. It’s the worst.

About 7 years ago, I had been cycling through boots left and right when someone recommended I try a pair of Montrails. I was skeptical because Montrail’s hiking boot looked more like a high top trail runner, not the sturdy boot that I was used to. But maybe change was good. I clearly wasn’t having luck with traditional hiking boots.

Well 7 years after purchasing my first pair of Montrails, I was still rocking them hard. Not only are they the most comfortable hiking boot I’ve ever worn, they lasted me through hundreds and hundreds of miles, including my 220 mile thru-hike on the John Muir Trail without a single blister. Amazing right!

Montrail hiking boots

This summer, with all the hiking I’ll be doing around Salt lake, I decided it was time for a new pair. Montrail has two new versions of my original hiking boot. The Fluid Fusion MID OUTDRY is just like my old pair – a hybrid between a trail runner and a high ankle boot. They are super lightweight, waterproof, and highly breathable.

The other pair – the Fluid Enduro MID Leather OUTDRY – looks more like a heavy duty leather hiking boot. With most leather boots being on the heavier side, I was a bit resistant to this style since I didn’t want to be lugging around a pair of bricks on my feet.

But then, I tried the leather pair on, and my opinion quickly changed.

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 Montrail Hiking Boot Review


The Montrail leather hiking boot is deceptively light thanks to the mesh paneling that seamlessly integrates with the leather. This feature also makes the boot breathable preventing your feet from getting hot while hiking. Each boot weighs just over 12 ounces for a total of 1.5 pounds for the pair. That is lighter than the most popular hiking boots on the market including leading pairs by Lowa, Vasque, and La Sportiva, which all weigh in at 2 pounds or more. The Montrail’s weight is also on par with many of the popular trail runners and low ankle hiking shoes, like the Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe. The Montrail Fluid Enduro MID Leather OUTDRY also comes in a low ankle version, which is even lighter.

A detailed review of Montrail's Fluid Enduro MID Leather OUTDRY Hiking boots - the most comfortable pair of lightweight leather hiking boots I've ever owned


The advantages of this hiking boots go way beyond their scanty weight. One of the things that is super important when choosing a new hiking boot is how much traction the sole offers. Sliding down the trail isn’t fun, and it breaks down my confidence when I think I’m going to slip and fall. These new Montrails seem to handle wet rocks and loose scree better than any other hiking shoe I’ve tried, including competitors with Vibram rubber soles. Last week, I was on a hike to Lake Blanche and on the way down it started to rain. Even when the rocks got slippery, I never experienced loose footing thanks to the grippy grooves in the soles, which are identical on both new versions of Montrails. They are also waterproof which is a plus if you often hike in wet environments like the Pacific Northwest.

Montrail hiking boots have a very grippy sole to prevent slipping on loose scree and wet rocks


All of these features don’t really matter if the boot isn’t comfortable. And that’s what really sets Montrail apart. Their boots molded to my feet right out of the box. As with any shoe, it’s a good idea to take them on a day hike to make sure they fit properly before going on any extended backpacking trips, but with these Montrails there is really no break-in period required. I also found them to be pretty true to size. Just remember to keep in mind sock thickness when you are shopping for new boots.



While style should be the last thing you are worried about when choosing a hiking boot, it’s always nice when you like the look. And the Fluid Enduro MID Leather OUTDRY hiking boots are about as slick as they come. They are simple and not too clunky, and I didn’t feel nerdy wearing them even when many other people on the trail were sporting simple trail runners.

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Where to Buy

You can buy the Montrail Fluid Enduro MID Leather OUTDRY hiking boots directly from Montrail’s website or you can use their store locator to find a place to buy them in person. These boots also come in a men’s version, as well as a lower ankle version, and they retail for $145.



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