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Oboz Sawtooth X Hiking Boot Review (& Giveaway!)

Get our in-depth review of the Oboz Sawtooth X hiking shoes with details on comfort, traction, waterproofing, fit, durability, and more.

Get our in-depth review of the Oboz Sawtooth X hiking shoes with details on comfort, traction, waterproofing, fit, durability, and more.

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I’ve been wearing Oboz Footwear hiking boots for the last 6 years, ever since my beloved Montrails got discontinued. One of my favorite pairs of Oboz is the Sawtooth II, a sturdy hiking shoe that can tackle whatever terrain you encounter, from big boulders to loose scree. It’s even a favorite of mine for walks around my neighborhood.

When Oboz announced they were revamping the Sawtooth II for the first time in a decade, I was excited but also a bit nervous to see if the new generation would actually be an improvement over what I thought was already a pretty perfect hiking shoe.

Named the Sawtooth X to celebrate their 10-year anniversary, the Bearfoot Theory team and I have been testing out the different models of Oboz’s newest Sawtooth hiking boot for the last 6 weeks and we’re happy to find that the Sawtooth X has all of the features of the Sawtooth II and more!

In this Sawtooth X review, we share our team’s collective thoughts on Oboz’s newest hiking boots and their comfort, functionality, durability, and more.

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Sponsored by Oboz Footwear

I’ve been wearing Oboz hiking boots since 2017 and now work with them as an Ambassador. Based in Bozeman, Montana, I believe Oboz Footwear makes the most supportive, comfortable, and durable hiking boots on the market. Plus, the people behind the brand are just as great as their shoes, and they plant a tree for every pair sold. We only recommend products we truly love and think you will love too.

The New Oboz Sawtooth X

The Oboz Sawtooth X come in both men’s and women’s model and a low or mid version in both waterproof and non-waterproof in a variety of colors.

We’ve hiked in the waterproof low, the non-waterproof low, and the waterproof mid-ankle versions and share our full review below.

Sawtooth X low
Sawtooth X Low
Sawtooth X mid-ankle
Sawtooth X Mid-Ankle

Sawtooth X Fit & Feel

The first thing we love about the Sawtooth X hiking boots is that they are comfortable right off the bat and don’t require any break in period. Each of us was able to lace these up and head right out the door for a hike without any chafing, discomfort, or blisters. We immediately found them to be very sturdy feeling without being too stiff. 

A woman wearing Oboz Sawtooth X hiking boots at Blanche Lake
Hiking in Utah in the Oboz Sawtooth X low waterproof hiking shoes

I personally tested the Waterproof Sawtooth X Low and noticed a difference right away from the Sawtooth II. I noticed there was nice cushioning around the ankle which I really appreciate – there is no weird rubbing regardless of how I move and flex my feet.

I have a narrow ankle and a wider forefoot, and my foot feels fairly snug and supported in place in these hiking shoes without being constricted. I also found that I have enough wiggle room in the toe area to accommodate swelling which is always important. My feet also feel supported by the insole which Oboz is known for – their proprietary O FIT insole is a big part of what makes these hiking shoes so comfortable.

Woman sits next to a lake wearing Oboz Sawtooth X Low hiking boots
Wearing the Waterproof Sawtooth X Low (Color: Hazy Gray)

The longest hike I’ve been on so far in the Sawtooth X hiking shoes is 9 miles. I haven’t experienced any fatigue, discomfort, or blisters which is huge.

My only wish is that the top of the low version shoe hit just a millimeter or two higher on my ankle. Occasionally on steep uphills, I notice my heel slipping ever so slightly, likely due to my narrow ankles. I’ve addressed this issue by drawing the laces through the additional loop and making sure they are pulled tight. 

A woman hiking Lake Blanche in Salt Lake City wearing Oboz Sawtooth X low hiking boots
I haven’t experienced any fatigue, discomfort, or blisters wearing the Oboz Sawtooth X

BFT team member Linda has been testing the non-waterproof Sawtooth X Low. She lives in Baja California and wanted something more breathable for hiking in hot climates. Linda has a flat, wide foot and while some hiking boots she’s tried have been a little on the narrow side, the Sawtooth X were perfectly comfortable, striking just the right balance between spaciousness and the snugness needed to be supportive. She didn’t notice as much of the heel slippage that I experienced, likely due to differences in the width of our heels and ankles.

Close up of a woman wearing Sawtooth X low non-waterproof hiking boots
Linda wearing the non-waterproof Sawtooth X Low (color: Drizzle)

Courtney, another BFT team member, has been wearing the Waterproof Mid-Ankle Sawtooth X and loves the extra ankle support for an added layer of safety on the trail. As a full-time van lifer who often hikes in varied terrain from desert to mountains to forests, she prefers an “all-in-one” hiking boot that is versatile enough for day hikes, backpacking trips, wet weather, and all sorts of topography, and the waterproof mid-ankle Sawtooth X delivers.

The higher ankle provides firm ankle support without feeling constrictive or losing range of motion. Courtney likes the extra soft cushioning around the ankle, which means no rubbing or soreness after wearing these boots hiking all day. She has a narrow foot and high arch and sometimes has to use insoles in hiking boots for added arch support. After wearing the Sawtooth X on a variety of long hikes and backpacking trips, she hasn’t had any foot pain and hasn’t needed insoles.

Woman hiking in the Oboz Sawtooth X hiking boots
Courtney wearing the waterproof Sawtooth X Mid-Ankle (Color: Rockfall)

Sawtooth X Performance & Durability

Like many other Oboz hiking boots, the Sawtooth X is made with a combination of leather and extra durable yet breathable CORDURA fabric, and the laces and webbing are made of recycled PET polyester.

I can feel how durable they are and mine don’t show any scuffs or wear yet after weeks of testing. If they’re anything like my old Sawtooth IIs, they will last a long time. I’ve easily got a couple hundred miles on my Sawtooth IIs, and the sole surprisingly still has some tread left. I’ve also found my Oboz Bridgers and Oboz Sypes to be really durable compared to other brands that lose tread after just a few months, earning them both spots on our best women’s hiking boots list.

I expect these Sawtooth X hiking shoes to be no different than my experience with other Oboz models and am excited to take them on many more adventures.

A woman hikes up a rocky mountain wearing Oboz Sawtooth X hiking boots
Sawtooth X are durable and have great traction on uneven terrain

Sawtooth X Traction

The tread on the Oboz Sawtooth X has deep grooves and directional lugs that provide solid traction and makes me feel sure-footed when hiking. Here in Utah, I wore these on a hike up to Lake Blanche, a steep trail that has over 2,800 feet of elevation gain with lots of rocky areas and big steps. I found the Sawtooth X to be super grippy and secure, even on the looser scree. For the most part, I couldn’t feel the rocks through the soles which reduced fatigue on this longer hike.

While we haven’t had a chance to test these hiking boots out in the rain or in muddy conditions yet, we can tell that the aggressive tread on the Sawtooth X will handle those conditions without a problem.

a woman sits on the ground during a hike wearing Oboz Sawtooth X
Deep grooves and directional lugs provide solid traction

Sawtooth X Breathability

As expected, the non-waterproof Sawtooth X hiking shoes are noticeably more breathable than the waterproof versions. BFT Team Member Linda has been wearing her non-waterproof low Sawtooth X for hikes in Baja California and found them to be really comfortable even in hot weather. The breathability is noticeable and prevents her feet from getting too sweaty while also helping her stay a bit cooler overall.

I personally have been wearing the waterproof version in Utah. After a long hot hike, my feet do get sweaty. However, I prefer the versatility of the waterproof version and am willing to sacrifice a bit of breathability for a shoe that I know will keep my foot dry if I encounter rain or wet and muddy trails in the mountains.

A woman hikes in a shady canyon wearing Oboz Sawtooth X low
Linda wearing the non-waterproof version hiking in Baja California

Where to Buy the Oboz Sawtooth X

The Oboz Sawtooth X are available through a variety of outdoor retailers including REI, Backcountry, and Oboz Footwear’s website. They come in both men’s and women’s and a low or mid version in both waterproof and non-waterproof in a variety of colors.

Here are some of the current Oboz Sawtooth X styles and colors available

Oboz Sawtooth X mid waterproof teatone
Mid Waterproof Teatone
Oboz Sawtooth X mid waterproof charcoal
Mid Waterproof Charcoal
Oboz Sawtooth X high rockfall
Mid Waterproof Rockfall
Oboz Sawtooth X mid hiking boot drizzle
Mid Drizzle
Oboz Sawtooth X waterproof low hiking shoe slate
Low Waterproof Slate
Oboz Sawtooth hiking shoe hazy gray
Low Waterproof Hazy Gray
Oboz Sawtooth x Low waterproof hiking boot lupine
Low Waterproof Lupine
Oboz Sawtooth X low eucalyptus green
Low Eucalyptus Green

Oboz Sawtooth X Hiking Boot Giveaway

Oboz Sawtooth X Giveaway

Do you have any questions about the Oboz Sawtooth X? Have you tried them out yourself? Leave a comment below!

Get our in-depth review of the Oboz Sawtooth X hiking shoes with details on comfort, traction, waterproofing, fit, durability, and more.

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  1. Great review! I’ve had numerous pairs of Sawtooth, starting with the very first model, and they have always been my favorite pair of hiking shoes. I keep replacing them with new ones when the old ones wear out. Unfortunately, I find that the Sawtooth X shoes don’t fit me as well as the previous versions. There doesn’t seem to be enough room in the toe box. I’m so bummed! Anyway, I know that not every shoe can fit every foot. I’m on the lookout for something new with a wide toe box.

    1. Hi Tara, sorry to hear that! It’s always a little nerve-wracking when a new model comes out. Hope you find a solid replacement soon

    2. Did you get them in regular or wide sizing? I’ve been looking at a replacement for my Moab 2 as the quality control has gone to heck with Merrell and I’m planning to finish the PCT next year.

  2. Tried them out for the first time in Maine on the Gorham Mountain Trail, after doing the Beehive hike a few days earlier. Great ankle support, but trying to find the right insole to prevent the “hotness” on the ball/front of my foot. Awaiting delivery of some additional sole inserts to see if that helps.

  3. Just entered and read the reviews. Our hikes are mostly in Shenandoah and Smokies. Acadia we would try but the distance and fuel costs are prohibitive at this time. So giving this giveaway a try. We need stability and comfort No twisted ankles needed at our ages in the 70s. Great post and reviews. Thank You

  4. Columbia messed up Montrail so I switched to Oboz and now the Sawthooth design is messed up. The new Sawthooth x is nothing like the old Sawthooth versions. I am so disappointed. Instead of the heel being down in a cup like feel my heel sits up and the shoe slips even using the the extra eyelet. Not a good redesign for me.

  5. I have heard good things about this brand and now these reviews? Sure makes me want a pair!!

  6. I have never owned a pair of hiking boots, I am going through a divorce and I have taken up hiking to help with the emptiness I have been feeling. I will be looking to buy some boots. Great review I would love to win a pair but if I don’t I will be purchasing a pair.

  7. I walk two miles everyday possible to help with diabetes. My shoes are a New Balance but, do not have the ankle support like these high tops. I would like to try these shoes. THANKS

  8. Best boots I’ve ever worn, Sawtooth X Mid B Dry, got them at REI and I am beyond impressed, you’ll get plenty free advertising from me here in Washington state.