12 Places to Buy Discounted Outdoor Gear

Looking to score a deal on cheap camping and outdoor gear? Here are 12 places to buy discounted outdoor gear - both new and used.


At times, when there’s absolutely no hope in repairing your damaged, beat-up and well-worn gear it’s good to make an investment and buy new. At other times, purchasing products at full price isn’t an option…but it can seem risky to go for used or discounted gear if you don’t know where to look.

We’ve been there before too and discovered that the world of discounted and used gear isn’t as scary as you might think. In fact, hunting down good quality, cheap outdoor gear is pretty simple and well, fun — let’s be honest, there’s nothing like scoring a great deal.

Ready to save? Here are the best places to buy discounted gear in stores and online.

1) The Clymb

The Clymb is an online shop that has daily deals on outdoor gear, apparel and equipment from big name brands when you become a member. Score up to 50% off on all types of gear including mountain and road bikes, ski and snowboards and more.

The Clymb - discounted outdoor gear

2) Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia is dedicated to keeping your well-loved gear in use for the long run with the Worn Wear program. If you own Patagonia products and apparel that have run its course but still have a little life left in them, you can trade it in for store credit or buy some pre-owned gear for yourself! They also offer repair services so you can fine-tune your favorite fleece or simply update your gear to keep it in action just as long you.

Worn Wear - Patagonia's used gear program is a great option for finding discounted outdoor gear

3) Steep and Cheap

Run by the gearheads at Backcountry, Steep and Cheap is an online outdoor retailer that offers “new steals every 5 minutes” for the deal-hungry bargain hunters out there. You can find big name brands, daily deals, plus plenty of apparel and equipment to get geared up for an epic time outside.

Steep and Cheap is a great option for finding discounted outdoor gear online.

4) REI Outlet

Our favorite outdoor retailer, REI, is a go-to for reliable and multi-functional gear that is built to last. Did you know that you can snag some budget-friendly, discounted outdoor gear that’s just as awesome in their online gear shop, REI Outlet? Yep. You can even buy and sell pre-loved gear at their in-store “Garage Sales” for members only. Shop the Deal of the Day at REI Outlet.

REI Outlet - discounted outdoor gear

5) REI Used Gear

REI recently added an entire Used Gear section to their website. It’s a great place for outdoor enthusiasts and gear lovers to score deals on hundreds of pre-loved products for way less than before, including used sleeping pads, camp furniture, and even pet gear! REI’s Used Gear section is a great way to find discounted outdoor gear that has been inspected for quality so you can save some moolah while still knowing that you’re getting something in good condition.

Looking to score a deal on cheap camping gear? Here are 12 places to buy discounted outdoor gear - both new and used.

6) Sierra Trading Post

The Sierra Trading Post is a discount outdoor retailer run by big names like HomeGoods, Marshalls, and TJMaxx. They’ve got everything from shoes to camping gear with a pretty large selection, although you do have to do some digging to find quality products, it’s a good place to score small pieces of gear and expensive clothing that would usually cost a lot at a regular retail price.

Sierra Trading Post is a great option for finding discounted outdoor gear online

7) Outdoor Gear Exchange

This Burlington-based outdoor gear shop sells a large selection of pre-owned and lightly used gear in addition to new products for every season. Not in Vermont or New England? Check out Outdoor Gear Exchange’s online consignment shop that’s perfect for out-of-state gearheads who want to buy or sell their lightly used products. One thing that is cool about using Outdoor Gear Exchange is that consignment gear that doesn’t sell after 8 months is donated to charities, including refugee groups.

Outdoor Gear Exchange is a great place to find discounted outdoor gear online

8) Outdoorplay

Outdoorplay has grown to become one of the largest specialty outdoor gear retailers in the country. While their roots are in kayaking, they’ve expanded to include products for rafting, stand up paddling, hiking, camping, and more. Check their sale section for deals and keep an eye out for the sales they run throughout the year.Looking to score a deal on cheap camping and outdoor gear? Here are 12 places to buy discounted outdoor gear - both new and used.

9) Swap with Family and Friends

Have your own garage sale and get your family, friends and adventure buddies to bring their used stuff over to swap. Almost everyone has gear that’s been collecting dust in the corner, so this is a good chance to give your old or unused products a new life and snag something new (or old!).

10) Facebook Groups

There are a plethora of gear exchanges on Facebook. You can search in the top left-hand corner. There are even regional gear exchange groups such as Arkansas, Colorado, Las Vegas, etc. There are also women-specific groups and groups specific to cycling, backpacking, climbing, etc. Just a quick search of “outdoor gear exchange” yielded dozens of groups.

Facebook groups can be a handy place to find discounted outdoor gear online

11) The Gear Room

The Gear Room was founded by two brothers from Tucson, AZ. The Gear Room is a consignment shop in Salt Lake City for outdoor lovers but they also list most of their stock online for easy online ordering. I picked up a discounted pair of backcountry skis from the Gear Room last winter.

The Gear Room is a great place to find discounted outdoor gear online

12) Gear Trade

Gear Trade is essentially the Craiglist of used and discounted outdoor gear. On this online used gear marketplace, you can find anything from packrafts to backpacks, to bikes, and more – and everything is sold by owner.  Sometimes you can even find deals on gear that is practically brand new.

Gear Trade - an online marketplace for used and discounted outdoor gear

Where are your favorite places to buy discounted outdoor gear? Leave a comment below!

Written by Kristen Bor

Hey there! My name is Kristen, and this is my outdoor blog. I discovered the power of the outdoors in my 20s, at the time I needed it most. Now 15 years later, prioritizing that critical connection with nature continues to improve my life. My goal at Bearfoot Theory is to empower you with the tools and advice you need to responsibly get outside.

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  1. Hey, let us know what you’ve found in the Adirondacks – we’re headed there in 3 weeks for the first time. Not sure what to check out. Thanks for all the helpful info you post – a lifechanger!

  2. OUr family took a Boundary Waters Canoe Area guided, fully outfitted tour with Piragis out of Ely, MN. Every season they start with 100% brand new equipment. They sell the used equipment at very nice discounts. This means absolutely everything from spoons, pans, backpacks, canoes, camp seats—you name it, they replace it every single year.

  3. All great suggestions, thanks! With most of these retailers you can also use ActiveJunky.com and get up to 20% cash back on all the gear you buy but just bing a member.

  4. I know this is an old post – but we are rethinking the used gear game. Trying to make it more available, affordable and accessible. We’re called the rerouted co-op. I am the founder and would love to chat with you about what we’re doing!

  5. This is a great resource! I’ve also started using switchbackr.com–they partner with local gear shops to offer super affordable gear online.

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