Where to Find a Sprinter Van for Sale

Looking to buy your dream Sprinter Van so you can hit the road on an adventure? Learn about the different places you can search for a Sprinter Van for sale, whether you want a new 4x4 or a used camper van that's already broken in.


Sprinter Vans are becoming one of the most popular camper vans for both short and long-term travel. They are highly maneuverable, can accommodate the taller folks out there, and with the 4×4 option on newer models, you can drive them almost anywhere.

Getting your hands on a new or low-mileage, well-cared for Sprinter Van, especially one with 4×4, can be a challenge. They are in high demand, and you have to be ready to pounce when you find what you are looking for.

In this blog post, I share the different places you can buy a Sprinter Van, including the best sites with used Sprinter Vans for sale and tips for purchasing a new Sprinter Van from the dealer.

Sprinter Source

The Sprinter Van forum is a great place to look for a Sprinter for van sale. It’s a great community with two different classified boards. One has Sprinter Vans for sale listed by forum members. The second board is Sprinter Van listings from around the internet that forum members have stumbled on. If you find a Sprinter you are interested in buying, you can also ask people in the forum for advice. Know that there are some strong opinions in the forum at times, but generally, people are knowledgeable and willing to share information. You have to sign up for an account to access the forums.

Sprinter Van Facebook Groups

There are a number of Facebook Groups focused on Sprinter Vans. Not all of them allow classifieds, but the ones that do are full of Sprinter Vans for sale. Sprinter Vans Unlimited has almost 5,000 members, and I see new listings for used Sprinter Vans to buy on an almost daily basis. The conversation in the group is robust, and it’s also an excellent place to share ideas and meet people in the Sprinter van community.

Sprinter of Utah

If you are looking for a new 4×4 and your local dealer has a long wait list, the first place I’d call would be Sprinter of Utah. They are located in Salt Lake City and have one of the largest inventories of in stock 4×4 Sprinter Vans, in both 144″ and 170″ lengths. The other advantage of buying from Sprinter of Utah is that they generally will have a lot more knowledge (when compared to your local Mercedes dealer) about the desirable specs you’ll want if you plan on using your Sprinter Vans as an adventure-mobile.

A Sprinter Van Conversion Company

If you are hiring a professional company to convert a Sprinter Van for you, ask them if they have any Sprinter Vans in stock. Some of them have agreements with the Mercedes dealers to get a certain number of Sprinter Vans per year, and depending on the dealer’s wait list, the conversion company may be your quickest route to a new van. My next van is being converted by Outside Van, and they are constantly getting a new supply of Sprinter Vans in for their customers.


Another option is Craigslist, though you might need to expand your search beyond your city. Certain cities are more likely to have Sprinters listed than others. Denver, Salt Lake City, and other major west coast cities with a large camping contingent are good cities to start with. Make sure to look in both the RV and the truck section, since people will list them in both. Most importantly, do your due diligence and be careful with Craigslist. Your purchase isn’t protected like it is on ebay, and there are scammers that you need to be mindful of. This goes for any online purchase, be wary if seller asks you to wire cash using Western Union, Money Gram, or another instant transfer method. This is the first solid sign that the person might be sketchy. You should always go see the van in person before handing over your cash.


There’s often a number of Sprinter Vans for sale on Ebay. Ebay tends to be slightly safer than Craigslist for two reasons. First, you can see the seller’s rating (if they’ve bought or sold anything on Ebay before). And second, Ebay has a protection policy that covers up to $50,000 per vehicle if the Sprinter is not in the same condition as described in the listing. Dealers also sell on Ebay, so take note of whether it’s a dealer listing or a private seller.

Sportsmobile and Expedition Portal Forums

There are a couple of other forums where there are often Sprinter Vans for sale. If you are looking for a Sprinter Van that’s been converted into a camper by Sportsmobile, you’ll want to keep an eye on the Sportsmobile forum classifieds. You won’t find other types of Sprinters in here, but is a good option if you want something specific. Sportsmobile Sprinters tend to hold their value, so be prepared to pay top dollar.

Another option is the Expedition Portal. Here you’ll find other types of vehicles too.

Van Life Trader

Van Life Trader is a new website where you can find a ton of cool vans for sale by owner, including Sprinters, Promasters, and Ford Transits.

Got questions on where to find a Sprinter Van for sale? Leave them in the comments!

22 comments on “Where to Find a Sprinter Van for Sale

  1. This is awesome! We have been dabbling with the idea of getting a smaller van for weekend trips and our longer climbing trips. We’ve been sleeping in the back of my Subaru for so long, but have been keeping our eyes open for good deals on vans. These are great resources! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hi, Kristen. I’m retired and in the process of selling my house and buying a Sprinter-based motorhome for full time use. I’ve been looking mostly at the 144″ because it would be my car as well as my home. I like being able to park in a standard parking spot. That being said, why are you going to a 170″ model? And what are you looking at?

    1. If any one is looking for a Sprinter Mercedes Disel 2004 with super low mileage and well kept, garage most of the time! 57k miles and in perfect shape, we’re retiring and looking for something bigger to live in! We love it and you will too ..:)

        1. Hi this is Carmen! I am looking at used Mercedes Sprinter either 4wd, but would like the 4×4. I don’t know much about them. Would like a bare one to do my own conversion too so I can afford to get into one…
          Anything you share with me about them as far as safety, repairs, problems, neat things?

        1. Scott: Did you find a Sprinter van yet? We are selling our 2017 4 x 4 very good condition. Let me know if you want information. Just putting it out there starting today.

          1. I am searching for a 4×4 sprinter to convert. Randi, is your van complete?

      1. Hi Lee,
        Looking for one to make a mobile pediatric therapy clinic, this maybe a great option.
        Please contact me!

  3. Beautiful van yoive got. Just curious how your shower floor works; does it drain beneath the wooden slacks? Does that take up more head room than the floor in the main living area?

  4. Hey,

    I’m big fan of your van layout. I’m curious if you ever sold it? If not I’d love to talk to you about it.


  5. Hey Kristen, check out Camper Reparadise! They have a 2017 Mercedes Sprinter 170″ 4X4 available to buy or rent. They also refurbish, outfit, and build personalized vintage trailers. They are a great personable, family owned company located in Salt Lake City. Definitely something you want to add to the list!

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