15 Camper Van Kitchens for Layout & Design Inspiration

Find inspiration for your next camper van kitchen with these beautiful layouts and designs!

Need some camper van kitchen ideas for your conversion? Check out these van galleys for ideas on layout, appliances, storage, and more.

Having a full kitchen to whip up delicious and comforting meals is one of my favorite luxuries of van life. I love cooking foods that are easy and convenient, but also healthy and inspiring. In order to make van life cooking enjoyable, though, it’s important to design and plan a van kitchen that works for you.

In this post, we’ve rounded up 15 different camper van kitchens to give you some inspiration for your own mobile kitchen layout, design, appliances, and storage options. There’s no one right van kitchen layout or perfect mini-fridge, but we hope that these beautifully converted camper van kitchenettes help you plan out the best kitchen for your van life adventures.

Camper Van Kitchen Considerations

The two biggest considerations when it comes to planning your van kitchen are designing a layout and choosing appliances, so keep that in mind as you look at these kitchen examples. For more layout inspiration and details on other van conversion considerations like flooring and storage, be sure to check out our van life homepage.

Camper Van Kitchen Layout

When it comes to van floorplans and layouts, there are a number of different options for camper van kitchen ideas. The ‘best’ floor plan depends on your lifestyle and kitchen needs. Think about how much you’ll be cooking, what kind of meals you’ll be whipping up, the climate you’ll be cooking in, and how much storage you need for both food and cookware.

You’ll also want to think about how you want to be able to move around in your van, for example, whether you want to be able to easily go from the cockpit to the kitchen in the back of the van to whip up a snack on the road. Then choose a kitchen floorplan based on functionality and efficiency. We share ideas on how to maximize your kitchen and cook in a small space here.

Van Kitchen Appliances

The second thing you’ll want to consider when planning your van kitchen is which appliances you want to install. There are pros and cons for all van kitchen appliances including top-loading vs upright refrigerators, propane vs electric stoves, and whether or not to install an oven.

Deciding what appliances you want in your van build and how you want to house them will help you figure out your kitchen layout. Read more about van kitchen appliances and the pros and cons of different options in our guide to van galleys and appliances.

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Camper Van Kitchen Ideas

Ready for some inspiration? Below are 15 van kitchens that we think showcase a variety of the best camper van kitchen ideas and designs.

1. @bearfoottheory (Van #2)

I really loved the layout of my second van kitchen built by Outside Van (this is their large galley). We have plenty of counter space to prep and cook food on, and the overhead cabinets and side drawers hold all the supplies we need. Having the fan directly over the kitchen also helps keep the van odor-free when we’re cooking. I’ve found that my fridge is the perfect size for two.

Bearfoot Theory's Sprinter Van kitchen
Source: @bearfoottheory

2. @bearfoottheory (Van #3)

Ok, not to toot my own horn, but my third van also has a stellar kitchen. I designed a split galley so there is counter space on both the driver and passenger side of the van. This gives us tons of room to prep food or to place our air fryer which has become my favorite appliance to bring in the van. It makes cooking tofu, sweet potato fries, and other veggies a breeze.

We have a 1 burner induction stove, a big sink, and the Isotherm 130 Cruise Elegance Fridge that has plenty of room for all of our fresh food. See my full tour of (with video) of this Outside Van for all the deets.

Bearfoot Theory founder kristen Bor inside her Sprinter Van chopping veggies
Source: @bearfoottheory

3. @threevancats

This unique camper van kitchen layout shows a setup directly behind the cab. What’s nice is that you can go from the cab to the back of the van by removing that middle countertop, and you can put it back when using the kitchen to maximize counter space. We love the spice racks, the toaster oven, and all the light that this setup lets in!

Camper van kitchen by @threevancats / Check out these van galleys for ideas on layout, appliances, storage, and more.
Source: @threevancats

4. @thetravelbobbers

The Travel Bobbers live in a beautiful, self-built VW Crafter. We love the layout and design of their kitchen with its tiled backsplash, copper basin sink, and wood countertops. They have plenty of counter space including a fold-down leaf at the end and lots of cabinets and shelf storage above on the opposite wall (not shown).

Van kitchen by @thetravelbobbers / Check out these van galleys for ideas on layout, appliances, storage, and more
Source: @thetravelbobbers

5. @asobolife

This simple design from Yuko and Eric is both beautiful and functional. We love the tiled backsplash as well as the dark wood countertops. The built-in spice holder gives quick access to kitchen staples while the cabinets above and below provide ample storage space.

Van kitchen by @asobolife / Check out these camper van galleys for ideas on layout, appliances, storage, and more
Source: @asobolife

6. @thehuntersvanlife

We really like how Ethan & Katelynn positioned their stove to face outside. Every meal is made with a view! We also love their clever storage solutions like the hanging utensil rod and cleaning bucket. They also have an oven and a three-burner stove which allows for a lot more creativity and meal options when cooking on the road.

Camper van kitchen with an oven by @thehuntersvanlife / Check out these van galleys for ideas on layout, appliances, storage, and more
Source: @thehuntersvanlife

7. @vananahammock

Dillion and Katie have created a super unique kitchen layout in their 2010 Mercedes Sprinter 170wb. We love how this floorplan separates the kitchen from the bedroom and offers plenty of space in the living area. They chose a portable and energy-efficient ARB top-loading fridge that slides out from under a seat bench.

Van kitchen by @vananahammock / Check out these van galleys for ideas on layout, appliances, storage, and more
Source: @vananahammock

8. @ourvanquest

This beautifully designed kitchen by the Skoolie family almost looks like it belongs in an apartment! They have since moved into a school bus (understandably for a family of four on the road), but their prior van is definitely still a source of inspiration for camper van kitchen ideas (like the pull-out pantry). Have a scroll through their Instagram feed and you’ll see what we mean!

Mobile kitchen by @ourvanquest / Check out these van galleys for ideas on layout, appliances, storage, and more
Source: @ourvanquest

9. @tioaventuravan

The pull-out pantry between the kitchen and the bathroom in this camper van is something we haven’t seen before. It’s a great way to use all the space available and provides easy access to cooking essentials. This is a beautifully done camper van kitchen overall.

Source: @tioadventuravan

10. @rebornbyadventure

We included this camper van galley to show another option for a fridge. Natasha and Jacob use a top-loading drawer-style Dometic fridge that pulls out from under the kitchen counter. It’s energy-efficient and can hold as much food as an upright fridge.

Van life kitchen by @rebornbyadventure / Check out these van galleys for ideas on layout, appliances, storage, and more.
Source: @rebornbyadventure

11. @escape.conversions

We love the efficient use of space in this van build. The kitchen is slightly smaller than other examples in this post and the bed is meant for one, but Escape Conversions has included some clever storage ideas and a fold-away table for counter space. It also has an oven, which can help keeps meals exciting and inspiring.

Van kitchen by Escape Conversions / Check out these van galleys for ideas on layout, appliances, storage, and more
Source: @escape.conversions

12. @courtandnate

We love the big farmhouse sink in Courtnie and Nate’s van! There’s also a ton of counter space and the wood countertops go beautifully with the ceiling panels.

Camper van kitchen by @courtandnate / Check out these van galleys for ideas on layout, appliances, storage, and more
Source: @courtandnate

13. @outsidevan

This kitchen in a custom van conversion by Outside Van shows a unique example of positioning for a top-loading fridge. Most top-loading fridges we see sit on the floor of the van or in a low drawer, but this setup puts the fridge in closer reach and allows the cook to access what they need without having to bend over so much.

Sprinter van kitchen by Outside Van / Check out these van galleys for ideas on layout, appliances, storage, and more.
Source: @outsidevan

14. @vansandrecreation

Now this is a camper van kitchen setup we haven’t seen before. The kitchen backs up to the bed and sleeping area at the back of the van. The middle counter can be removed to reveal an extra seat and an easy step up into the bed. While there isn’t a sink, the tap and hose (in the right-hand corner of the countertop) can extend up to two meters so you can do dishes in a bucket inside or outside, and you can even use it to shower off.

15. @storytelleroverland

The kitchen in Storyteller Overland‘s ready to go 4×4 adventure vans comes with a refrigerator, a portable induction cooktop, a stainless steel sink with a folding faucet for extra counter space when not in use, an exterior fold-down table, and even a microwave which isn’t something we see very often in converted camper vans. We love that this kitchen faces out the sliding door for maximum views and fresh air. The bed in the back can fold away for more space when cooking and eating as well.

We hope this post gives you some inspiration as you collect camper van kitchen ideas for your own van kitchen!

Have you seen any other interesting camper van kitchen ideas and layouts? What features do you want in your van kitchen the most? Leave a comment below!

Need some camper van kitchen ideas for your conversion? Check out these van galleys for ideas on layout, appliances, storage, and more.

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    1. Hi Jerry – if you are interested in Tiny Homes – check out Living Big in a Tiny House on YouTube – well worth a look.

    1. Hmmm, I’m not sure off the top of my head. You can check out their Instagram pages and see which ones have shorter wheel bases

  1. These are fifteen LOVELY kitchen designs; they would shine in any small house, cottage or cabin. But what makes a superb VAN design? May I suggest that such a design has the following characteristics: 1) CAPABLE OF EFFICIENT COOKING. For instance an easily accessible refrigerator, not one that has to be pulled out of a location to be opened. 2) EFFICIENT USE OF SPACE. For example a sink big enough to wash dishes, but no larger than absolutely necessary. And WHERE POSSIBLE, MULTIFUNCTION USE. For example, a large-volume top-loading Dometic fridge can double as a dining table bench. A diesel stove that along with a diesel furnace can be powered with the diesel fuel running the engine, thus simplifying supply and reducing duplication of storage tanks. 3) LIGHT-WEIGHT & RESISTANT TO VIBRATION. Weight is ALWAYS a limiting factor in van designs, and vibration is a fact of life NOT experienced in stationary kitchens. So designs with thick heavy butcher-block counter tops, and tiles mortared to the walls of the van are both unnecessarily heavy and subject to rapid deterioration. A van kitchen is qualitatively different from a stationary kitchen. It’s design should start from that premise.

    1. Absolutely! I keep seeing the kitchens like you see in houses, but in reality they should be designed for vans, for permanently living in. Most of these kitchens with rattle any one completely mad.

    2. Hi Marcus,

      FYI, most of the tiles you see in vans are peel and stick sheets, so just about as durable and lightweight as you can get. For those that put actual tiles in, they’ve said that they haven’t had any durability problems, or the tiles are mementos from their trips, so they made the choice to put them in anyway.

  2. Kristen, I hope your early days with baby are beautiful! Yay you for listening to the inner voice. QUESTION: I am obsessed with finding a durable push-button lock, like the one on your cabinets – I think for both 2nd and 3rd van. My ‘home’ is a sailboat vs a van, but we have the very similar needs for being flush… or a handle. Can you help me with the source? I’ve pinged Outside Van. There are many on the market… I am leery of what will go the long haul (BIFL!) vs break when I need it most. Hoping for info! And hey, hit me up about travel life with kids. Mine grew up as full-time voyagers and I’m grateful every day for the adventurous childhood it opened to them.

    1. Thank you so much! As someone who wasn’t sure I wanted kids, I already know that this is the best decision I’ve ever made. I wish I could help you out with the brand of the push locks but that is definitely an Outside Van question. Good luck!

  3. What advise can you give for best way to store dishware: plates, bowls, cups?
    I looked through your 15 Camper Van Kitchens for Layouts, but none showed dishware storage.

    1. Hi Edward, thanks for the suggestion to add in ideas for dishware storage. My best advice is to carry non-glass dishware and instead opt for hard plastic, bamboo, or other non-breakable materials. Drawers are usually a great place store to dishware and everything can stack.