15 lululemon Must-Haves for Working Out & Everyday Wear

A roundup of my favorite lululemon activewear and accessories that will elevate your exercise and at-home workout routine.

Woman doing yoga at home modeling top lululemon must-haves for working out

For the longest time, I didn’t understand the lululemon hype. I had the impression that lululemon was only for super skinny people who love hot yoga with all of their sizes running small. So when lululemon reached out and said they wanted to work with Bearfoot Theory, my initial reaction was that it wasn’t a good fit….but before saying no, I decided to check out the lululemon website and see what their brand was all about these days.

Needless to say, I was really surprised by what I found. In recent years, lululemon has evolved to offer athletic apparel for all kinds of bodies as shown by the variety of models on their website. For example, lululemon has a large range of numbered sizes with leggings running up to size 20 available in a variety of lengths, and sports bras as large as 40G.

I only work with brands whose products I’ve tried and love, so my next step was to go into my local lululemon and try on a bunch of stuff. I came home with a bag of lululemon activewear that I was excited to put to the test during my home workouts over the winter.

After trying a variety of leggings, shorts, tops, bras, and underwear, I now consider myself a lululemon convert. Not only are their clothes well made, functional, and oh-so-comfy, all of the active wear I’ve tried is versatile, making it great for working out, hiking, traveling, and other outdoor adventures. And thus my partnership with lululemon was born.

In this blog post, I’m excited to share a list of my lululemon must-haves for women, whether you’re exercising at home or hitting the trail. I’ve also included a few favorites from the women on the Bearfoot Theory team for a complete roundup of the best lululemon clothing for an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Sponsored by lululemon

This blog post is sponsored by lululemon. I’ve personally tried every one of the items I recommend here and have added a few top picks from the women on the Bearfoot Theory team as well. I hope you love these items as much as we do.

Best lululemon Leggings

I’ve tried six different pairs (plus a bunch more on in the store), and the picks below are the best lululemon leggings for working out. I’ve also included a few picks for hiking.

The leggings come in numbered sizes (0-20), as well as different lengths, so you can really customize the fit to your waist size and height.

Hot tip: lululemon offers free hemming so you can customize the length of your new leggings for the perfect fit.

For size reference:

  • I’m 5’5″ and weigh 140 pounds. I wear a size 8 in all of these leggings. The 25″ length hits a few inches above my ankle, while the 28″ length hits below my ankle.
  • BFT team member Linda is 5’3″ and weighs 120 lbs. She wears a size 6 in lululemon leggings and the 25″ hits right at her ankle.

Align High Rise Pant

  • Great for: Yoga, mellow activities, relaxing, traveling
  • Pros: Comfortable, soft, stretchy, and stays put during movement
  • Cons: Not as durable as lululemon’s other leggings
Woman practicing yoga in the lululemon Align High Rise Pant, a must have legging for working out
Practicing yoga in the lululemon Align High Rise Pant (25″, size 8)

The lululemon Align High Rise Pant is the softest of lululemon’s leggings and is designed for yoga and gentle workouts. These are the most comfortable leggings I own, I hardly feel like I’m wearing anything. They are also my go-to for long drives and road trips or lounging around the house.

The waistband sits about 2 inches above my belly button. It doesn’t pinch and only occasionally rolls down and needs to be adjusted. These leggings are the thinnest of my three lululemon must-have leggings so I wouldn’t wear them out on a cold day, but they’re not so thin that you can see through them.

I’ve owned these leggings for a few months now, and the only con (which is likely my fault) is I have experienced a little bit of fabric pilling on the upper thighs. My guess is it’s from my dogs sitting on my lap in the car and scratching the leggings with their nails. Based on this, I’d probably avoid hiking or doing other activities where the leggings might rub up on sharper surfaces. Wearing a daypack might also cause some friction and pilling on the rear waistband.

In addition to a variety of full length styles, these leggings come in a crop version as well. BFT team member Linda is wearing the lululemon Align High Rise Crop 21″ in the photo below.

Woman exercising wearing lululemon Align High Rise Crop leggings, a must have for working out
BFT team member Linda in the Align High Rise Crop 21″ and the Ebb to Street Tank

Wunder Train High-Rise Tight

  • Great for: Rigorous exercise, weight lifting, walking, running, hiking
  • Pros: Lightweight, breathable, wicking, comfortable, flattering
  • Cons: None!
Woman spinning on an indoor bike in the lululemon Wunder Train High Rise Tights, a must have for working out
Spinning in the lululemon Wunder Train High Rise Tight (25″, Size 8, Color: Blue Nile)

The Wunder Train High-Rise Tight has become my favorite lululemon must-have for working out and hiking, and they’re also my go-to for indoor cycling. I typically get pretty sweaty, and these leggings are very good at wicking moisture and regulating my temperature, even as the workout gets tough.

These leggings are not quite as buttery soft as the Align, but they are still soft to the touch. They are also more durable than the Align, and I haven’t experienced any fabric pilling after months of regular use.

The waistband sits about an inch above my belly button, and these tights offer some compression which helps make my tummy look flat (bonus!). I find the waistband doesn’t slip or roll over much, and it has a draw cord that you can pull tighter if needed. There’s also a small hidden pocket in the waistband where you can stash a key or credit card if you’re going for a quick run.

These also come in a version with drop in side pockets that fit a phone.

Invigorate High-Rise Tight

  • Great for: Rigorous exercise, outdoor workouts, hiking
  • Pros: Durable, side pockets for phone, thicker so you can’t see panty lines, wicking, soft to touch, offers great compression
  • Cons: Because they are thicker, they are a little warmer than the Wunder Train
Woman doing yoga in the lululemon Invigorate High Rise Tight, a must have legging for work outs
Doing my core routine in the lululemon Invigorate HR Tight (28″, Size 8)

The lululemon Invigorate HR Tight is another must-have piece of activewear. These leggings have the same feeling as the Wunder Train, but they are a bit thicker, making them more durable for tough workouts outside. These really do stay put during movement. The thickness also means you don’t have to worry so much about visible panty lines.

I wouldn’t hesitate to wear these hiking, especially in the shoulder season when the temperatures are more variable. They also seem durable enough to sit on rocks while you’re taking a snack break. Another bonus of these is that they have a decent sized stretchy pocket on each leg that is big enough for your phone.

The waistband on these tights sits quite high at 2-3″ above my belly button which is nice, and they provide compression at the waist that really hugs everything in while still being comfortable.

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Best lululemon Shorts

After trying a variety of pairs of shorts in different lengths, the two below are the best lululemon shorts in our opinion. We’ve included one looser pair of shorts and one form fitting pair of stretchy shorts to give you some options.

Track That Mid-Rise Lined Short – 5″

  • Great for: Running, working out
  • Pros: Nice length, lightweight, built-in liner, drawcord on waist
  • Cons: Pocket is too small
Woman doing lunges at home wearing the lululemon Track That Mid-Rise Lined Short
Wearing the lululemon Track That Mid-Rise Lined Short – 5″ (Size: 8)

These lululemon Track That Mid-Rise Lined Shorts are a versatile short for hot summer days. They are super lightweight, airy, and breathe exceptionally well. Despite feeling like they are barely there, these shorts offer great coverage, and the liner keeps the privates private. The liner also keeps the shorts in place and prevents them from riding up as you move. The wide waistband is very comfortable and doesn’t dig in.

My only complaint about these is the pocket is so small. They are designed for running, and I assume most runners don’t have their cell phone bouncing around in their pocket. However, in my opinion, they’d be more versatile for hiking and other activities if the pocket was a little bigger and more functional.

Align High Rise Short – 6″

Great for: Yoga, working out, hiking, running, walks, everyday wear
Pros: Comfortable, flattering, versatile, optional side pockets that fit a smartphone
Cons: 4″ length tends to roll up

Woman exercising on the beach in the lululemon Align High Rise Shorts
BFT team member Courtney wearing the Align High Rise Short 6″ (size 10, color Bronze Green) and Align High Neck Tank Top (size 10, color Tidewater Teal)

The lululemon Align High Rise Shorts are the shorts version of the Align leggings mentioned above and they’re just as buttery soft and comfortable. We love them for yoga, workouts, everyday errands, hiking, and running.

These shorts are stretchy and form fitting. The wide, high waistband sits right at or above the belly button depending on your body shape and doesn’t dig in at all so not only are these shorts flattering, they’re super comfortable as well.

The Align Short comes in a variety of lengths including 4″, 6″, and 8″. We find the 6″ to be the perfect length – not too long and not too short. BFT team member Linda has been wearing the 4″ for hiking and running for a few years now and while she loves them, they do tend to roll up and need to be pulled down.

These shorts have a small waistband stash pocket that can fit a small item like a key or credit card. They also come in a version with two side drop-in pockets large enough to fit a smartphone so you can easily stash it on quick hikes and walks.

Best lululemon Workout Shirts

These lululemon must-have workout shirts are the most flattering, comfortable, and breathable ones I’ve tried. As for fit, I typically wear a medium, have large breasts (36D), and a short torso.

Train to Be Tank

  • Great for: Hot, sweaty workouts
  • Pros: Super breathable, loose fitting, no chafing
  • Cons: Arm holes are a little big making bra slightly visible
Woman spinning on indoor cycling bike wearing the lululemon Train To Be Tank
Spinning while wearing the lululemon Train To Be Tank (size 8)

The lululemon Train To Be Tank is perfect for high intensity workouts. The backside consists of tiny holes that provide for maximum airflow to keep you really cool. This is my favorite shirt to wear for indoor cycling.

The fit is loose and short, with the bottom of the shirt hitting right above my belly button. When paired with high waisted leggings or shorts, my midriff is covered unless I lift my arms up high. The arm holes are a little large, which contributes to the shirt’s breathability, but you can see a bit of my sports bra from the side.

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt

  • Great for: Yoga, outdoor activities in cooler months (hiking, walking, running), travel
  • Pros: Comfortable, flattering, thumbholes, doesn’t hold on to odors
  • Cons: Depending on your body type, this shirt may be too form-fitting
Woman doing yoga at home in the lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt
Doing yoga in the lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt

The lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt is one of my most-worn shirts in cooler weather. I absolutely love it. I wear it multiple times a week – during yoga sessions at home, on brisk cold weather walks, on zoom calls, when running errands, and even out to eat. It’s so versatile, and I think it’s really cute and flattering! It breathes well, and I can wear it many times before it starts to stink.

Like all of the clothes on this list, this shirt also retains its shape during washes and doesn’t stretch out. I especially love the thumbholes when I’m out walking because it keeps my hands warmer. This shirt would also be great for running and as a hiking layer on cooler days.

I don’t really have anything negative to say about this shirt, and as one of my favorite lululemon must-haves, I’d like to get a couple more in other colors.

This shirt also comes in a short sleeve and while I really like the relaxed fit version, the sleeves of the regular fit Swiftly Tech short sleeve shirt were a little tight around my arms.

High Neck Run and Train Tee

  • Great for: High intensity workouts with a lot of movement, summer hiking, running, yoga
  • Pros: Very lightweight, full coverage, dries quick, doesn’t stink
  • Cons: Certain colors show sweat, snags easily
Woman exercising with light weights at home in the lululemon High Neck Run and Train Tee
Doing some light weight work in the lululemon High Neck Run and Train Tee (color: Ripened Raspberry)

You know how certain exercises can leave you feeling a little exposed? Every time I do downward dog, my shirt falls upward so you can see my belly, and the neckline droops so you can see my cleavage. During in-person classes, it makes me self-conscious and at home, it’s just plain annoying. Well, not with the High Neck Run and Train Tee, another one of my lululemon must-haves for women who love being active.

This shirt is so light and airy, you barely feel like you are wearing it. At the same time, it offers full coverage, with the bottom hitting right at my hips. You can tuck it into your leggings for those inverted exercises, and the neckline is comfortable without sagging and putting you on display. The full coverage is also nice if you plan to wear it out in the summer sun.

Just a couple things to be aware of. The first is that the bright pink color gets darker in the areas I sweat (like my armpits). If that’s a deal breaker for you, I recommend getting this shirt in black. The other thing that many reviewers report is that this shirt snags easily. I’ve worn and washed mine a number of times and haven’t experienced this personally, but it’s something to be aware of when caring for this shirt.

Ebb to Street Tank

  • Great for: Yoga, walks, road trips, travel, lounging at home
  • Pros: Comfortable, flattering, supportive for low impact activities, no bra needed
  • Cons: Not super supportive for running or more intense workouts, low cut can be revealing
Woman stretching on a yoga mat in the lululemon Ebb to Street Tank Top
BFT team member Linda in the Ebb to Street Tank Top (color Black) and Align High Rise Crop Leggings 21″

The lululemon Ebb to Street Tank Top has been a long time favorite of BFT team member Linda for yoga, road trips, travel, and for lounging around the house.

The built in shelf bra with removable cups provides light support and coverage for up to a C cup (Linda’s size), making this super comfortable for everyday wear since you don’t have to wear a bra. The cut and slim fit shape is flattering, and the material is seamless and sweat wicking to prevent chafing and keep you dry.

We wouldn’t recommend this top for running or high impact workouts and for women larger than a C cup, although women with larger chests have said it provides enough support for them as well.

Align High Neck Tank Top

  • Great for: Yoga, walks, road trips, travel
  • Pros: Comfortable, high neck provides good coverage, keeps everything in place, built-in shelf bra
  • Cons: Not super supportive for running or more intense workouts
Woman traveling in the lululemon Align High Neck Tank Top
BFT team member Courtney in the Align High Neck Tank Top (size 10, color Tidewater Teal)

The lululemon Align High Neck Tank Top has become a favorite of BFT team member Courtney for yoga, working out, and everyday travel in her camper van.

This top is a lululemon must have, especially for larger chests. This is the only bra-style top Courtney has found that comfortably keeps everything in place because of the high neck.

This top has removable cups and a built-in shelf bra for support. While it’s not enough support for a run or high-intensity workout, it is enough support for light workout, yoga, and everyday wear.

Best lululemon Sports Bras

I’ve been wearing the same sports bras as my daily bra for years, and I didn’t realize how unsupportive the ones I had were until I tried a few different lululemon bras. As a 36D, these bras have made high impact exercise and daily life so much more comfortable.

Run Times Bra, High Support, B-G Cups

  • Great for: High intensity workouts, running, jumping
  • Pros: Extra supportive, full coverage, accurate sizing, thick straps
  • Cons: Needs to be line dried
lululemon Run Times Bra - high support for B-G cups
The lululemon Run Times Bra offers high support for B-G cups. I wear a 36D.

I honestly can’t believe how good this lululemon Run Times Bra feels when I’m working out. The bra doesn’t shift around, my breasts are fully supported and don’t bounce around AT ALL, and the thick straps don’t dig into my shoulders. And it manages to do all that for women sized B-G cups, all while being wireless and comfortable!

As a 36D, the last thing I want is a bunch of extra padding to make my boobs look even bigger. This bra provides just enough padding to maintain shape without adding volume or making your boobs feel smushed. The fabric around the cleavage area is stretchy and has small holes which contribute to this bra’s breathability.

On the back, it’s got three clasps and three positions so you can tighten or loosen the underband as needed.

I don’t have anything negative to say about this bra, except that it’s supposed to be line dried so you have to remember that when doing laundry.

In Alignment Bra, Light Support

  • Great for: yoga, hiking, daily wear
  • Pros: Accurate fit, soft fabric, flattering, everyday support
  • Cons: Needs to be line dried
lululemon In Alignment Bra - Light Support (Size 36D)
The lululemon In Alignment Bra, Light Support (Size 36D)

If you’re looking for a comfy bra that provides enough support for daily use, the lululemon In Alignment Bra might be the perfect fit. Another underwire free option, this bra has very light padding and is surprisingly flattering. Even though they say “light” support, I would describe this as medium support that’s great for hiking and lower impact activities. The version I link to above is made for D-G cups, but they also have A/B and C/D versions.

On the back of the D-G version, it has three clasps with three positions so you can customize the fit, and you can’t feel the clasps when you are wearing it.

The only con? Like the bra above, it needs to be lined dried.

Energy Long Line Bra, Medium Support

Great for: Yoga, hiking, daily wear
Pros: Soft fabric, comfortable, flattering, versatile, everyday medium support
Cons: Not supportive enough for running or high impact workouts

Woman standing in a garden wearing the lululemon Energy Long Line Bra (front)
Woman standing in a garden wearing the lululemon Energy Long Line Bra (back)

BFT team member Linda in the lululemon Energy Long Line Bra (Black, size 6) and Align High Rise Crop Leggings

The lululemon Energy Long Line Bra is BFT team member Linda’s favorite sports bra. It’s great for hiking, yoga, working out, and everyday wear – in fact, it’s so versatile and comfortable that it has replaced Linda’s regular bras for the most part.

This sports bra is made with sweat wicking, breathable fabric and is designed to provide medium support for up to a D cup. While we wouldn’t recommend this bra for running or super high impact workouts, it’s great for nearly everything else.

The long line cut of this sports bra means the waist band is extra wide and comes down a few inches beneath the chest area. This makes the Energy Long Line Bra more flattering than other sports bras and makes it easier to wear this as a standalone top for yoga and working out.

Best lululemon Underwear

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of underwear for an active lifestyle, and I think I may have finally found it!

InvisiWear Mid-Rise Boyshort Underwear

  • Great for: Exercising, hiking, outdoor activities, every day wear
  • Pros: No panty lines, stay in place
  • Cons: None
lululemon InvisiWear Mid-Rise Boyshort Underwear
Not my butt 🙂 This is a photo from lululemon’s website. The fit in this photo is accurate.

As someone who hikes and lives an active lifestyle, I need my underwear to stay in place so I’m not constantly picking out wedgies. I also hate panty lines, since I almost exclusively wear leggings. I was so happy to discover the lululemon InvisiWear Mid-Rise Boyshorts, since they check both of these boxes.

These underwear are lightweight and have a barely-there feel. The edges are seamless, making them truly invisible under leggings. The edges are also designed in a way that they really stay in place, better than any others I’ve tried.

These come in a variety of styles, and while I like the hipster cut, the boyshorts cover your whole butt and stay in place the best. These are now at the top of my list for the best women’s hiking underwear.

For reference, I weigh 140 pounds and wear size 8 pants, and the medium in these underwear fit me well. BFT team member Linda is 120 pounds and generally wears size 4-6 pants and the size small in these underwear fits her well.

These also come in a 3-pack which I’ll be picking up now that I know how much I like them.

Best lululemon Workout Accessories

lululemon also makes workout and yoga gear. Here are a couple things I’ve tried that I really like.

The Reversible Mat 5mm

  • Great for: Yoga and floor exercises
  • Pros: No slippage, adequate cushion, pretty colors
  • Cons: Strong odor when new, some people report sweat stains
Woman doing yoga on the lululemon Reversible Mat 5mm (color: Tidewater)
Strengthening my core on my lululemon Reversible Mat 5mm (color: Tidewater)

If you do yoga or floor exercises, this reversible 5mm thick yoga mat helps provide stability. I haven’t gotten too sweaty on it yet, but so far the grip seems great, and I haven’t experienced much slipping when I’m in poses like downward dog. If you have sensitive knees, you will also appreciate the cushion on this relatively thick yoga mat. While the color of your yoga mat really doesn’t matter, I do love the marble colors.

The downside of this mat is when I first opened it, it let off a pretty strong odor. I had to let it air out for a couple of days before I used it. If you’re sensitive to smells, you’ll definitely want to give this a few days before you take it to your first class.

Lift and Lengthen Yoga Block

  • Great for: Yoga and stretching
  • Pros: Sturdy, pretty colors
  • Cons: Slight odor at first, thinner than a traditional yoga block
Woman using the lululemon Lift and Lengthen Yoga Block
Opening my lower back using the lululemon Lift and Lengthen Yoga Block

If you’re new to yoga, a yoga block (or 2) can be immensely helpful as you try to relax into poses and can contribute to increased strength and flexibility over time. The lululemon Lift and Lengthen Yoga Block also helps provide stability in more challenging poses. I personally like to put it under my lower spine and lay on top of it as a way to open my lower back. It feels so good! I also use it in standing poses.

I love that this yoga block has “choose a positive thought” written on the side. It’s a gentle reminder to focus on the benefits of the exercises, even the ones that feel tough in the moment.

Hot tip: lululemon often has specials on certain styles and colors, so be sure to explore all the options. You can also browse their sale page and filter by what you’re looking for.

That wraps up this list of my favorite lululemon must-haves for exercising and an active lifestyle! I find myself reaching for these lululemon apparel items every day, whether I’m lounging at home, getting a workout in, going hiking, or heading out for an adventure in my camper van.

Do you have any favorite lululemon products? Or do you have questions about any of my lululemon must-haves? Leave a comment below.

We rounded up our favorite lululemon must-have apparel for working out including the best lululemon leggings, shirts, sports bras, underwear and accessories will elevate your exercise and home work out routine.

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  1. I, like you, have had an on/off relationship with lulu over the years. I loved them back when I was in high school (when they first came on the scene) but as I got older I did not appreciate how exclusionary their brand felt. Still – I had a pair of lulu leggings I continued to wear for 10+ years because the quality was so good… In the last few years as you stated they have definitely stepped it up and have so much more inclusive marketing and sizes. Last year I bought a few of the swiftly tech shirts that you mention to wear to work (I work in healthcare) and the align leggings with pockets. I’m going to check out the underwear you mention too because I also hate pantylines and prefer wearing leggings 24/7! Thanks for providing such an honest review that shares both the pros AND cons. I realize this is a sponsored post but it is so much more meaningful when a blogger shares all aspects of a review and not solely the positives.

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for reading! We always strive for transparency and outlining both the good AND not so good about all the gear we try. Glad we could help you to pick up a few new pieces.

  2. Lululemon also has the BEST thong underwear! I used to only use it for yoga or exercising, but now it’s my everyday underwear. It’s soft, no pantry lines, it doesn’t ride up, and it washes up like a dream.