Oboz Arete Review: A Versatile, Tough, and Lightweight Hiking Shoe

Get our in-depth review of the Oboz Arete lightweight hiking shoes with details on comfort, traction, waterproofing, fit, and more.

Oboz has long been a favorite brand of mine for hiking shoes, and the Oboz Arete is no exception. This versatile shoe is perfect for both light and heavy hiking, and its tough construction means it can handle any terrain you throw at it. Plus, at just over 2 pounds per pair, they’re some of the lightest weight hiking shoes on the market.

For the past few years, I’ve been testing them out on hikes of all kinds, from easy day hikes to more challenging multi-day excursions. I can confidently say that they have performed incredibly well no matter the terrain. Here’s my full review of the Oboz Arete hiking shoe.

Learn why the Oboz Arete is one of the best lightweight hiking shoes on the market and one of my personal favorites!

Note: Bearfoot Theory is an ambassador for Oboz Footwear – we are huge fans of the brand and have tested out a variety of Oboz models over the years. As always, all opinions and words are my own and I only recommend products that I love.

First Impressions of the Oboz Arete

Because I spend a lot of my time living and traveling in my Sprinter van, I need to think carefully about what kind of footwear I bring with me on the road. I rely heavily on comfortable and versatile hiking shoes that can be worn on the trail, at campsites, and even around town.

The Oboz Arete checks all those boxes. While I still opt for my Oboz Sawtooth II Low ankle shoe for heartier hikes, the Oboz Arete has quickly replaced them as my go-to everyday shoe.

The Arete is lighter in weight at just over one pound each and their mesh upper makes them ultra-breathable and easy to move in. I also love the colors that they come in.

As a lightweight hiking shoe, the Oboz Arete was comfortable right out of the box with zero break-in period needed. The soles are grippy with plenty of traction to keep you from slipping on those slick sections of rock and scree. After three months of daily wear, I’ve found them to be durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear of the trail and to protect you from bruising as you step on rocks. The soles also allow the shoe to flex with your movements, unlike heavier hiking shoes that tend to be more rigid.

hiker climbing down steep slab of rock in Oboz Arete hiking shoes
The Oboz Arete lightweight hiking shoe has a durable grippy sole that allows you to feel stable on uneven terrain

Best Uses for the Ozoz Arete

What I really love about this shoe is its versatility. Whether your day includes a hike, bike ride, hanging around at camp, running errands around town, trail running, or even backpacking, this shoe is truly multi-purpose. When I first tested them, I wore them every day for 90 days and have since relied on them for a majority of my trail excursions.

My first test with them on the trail was a hike to the top of Frary Peak on Antelope Island which is 7 miles and has over 2,000 feet of elevation gain.

Kristen hiking to the top of Frary Peak on Antelope Island in Utah with salt flats and snow-capped mountains in distance
The Oboz Arete’s are a versatile hiking shoe and perform well on a variety of terrain


With their low ankle and natural articulation, the Oboz Arete is designed for fast and light travel. The pair (at women’s size 9) only weighs 1 lb 6 oz each and the sole provides plenty of traction for a variety of surfaces and will keep you quick on your toes. The O Fit sole has ample cushion for rocks and uneven terrain, and my feet remain comfortable on longer hikes.

Trail Running

For the average trail runner, these will do the trick. They might be a little heavier than some of the lightest weight trail runners and a bit more narrow, but if you want one pair of multi-purpose trail shoes, these could be a great option for you.


While I personally prefer a stiffer hiking boot for backpacking trips for more support, I know many people who prefer to hike and backpack in trail running shoes since they’re so lightweight and efficient. If you fall into this category, the Arete, which also comes in a mid-ankle version (more on that below), would be an option to consider for backpacking.

Biking and Other Activities

The Arete can also be worn as an everyday shoe and would make for a great travel companion. I love wearing the Arete for daily walks around the neighborhood and on bike rides as the multi-directional grooves on the sole prevent my feet from slipping on my bike pedals.

Close up shot of mountain biker wearing Oboz Arete shoes
The traction on the sole keeps my feet in place on my bike pedals.

Oboz Arete Fit

The Oboz Arete lightweight hiker has a wider forefoot and toe box. Since feet tend to swell when we hike, providing more space in the front increases the comfort level of hiking shoes. Everyone’s feet are a little different, and what’s nice about the Arete is that they fit a wide range of feet types. For example, I have a narrow heel and an average forefoot, while Bearfoot Theory’s Director Linda has wide, flat feet. The Oboz Arete manages to fit us both comfortably.

One thing to note is our entire team found the Arete to run just a touch larger than Oboz’s other hiking boots. Some of us had to size down ½ a size from what we normally wear in Oboz hiking boots. Perhaps it’s the fact that I wear thinner socks with the Arete compared to my other hiking shoes. With my narrow heels, I also found the heel pocket to be a little wider than the Oboz Sawtooth or Bridger hiking shoes, so I need to lace them pretty tight in order to prevent heel slippage.

Kristen taking a selfie on a hike outside of Salt Lake City, Utah
Hiking above Salt Lake City on a trail that ended up being very steep towards the top.

Other Oboz Arete models


The Arete comes in both a waterproof and non-waterproof version. I tested both and found that the non-waterproof version of the Arete to be much more breathable than the waterproof version (as to be expected). The non-waterproof version has a mesh upper while the waterproof Arete is covered in Oboz’s BDry waterproof coating. Either version is great at keeping dust and small rocks out.

If you live somewhere where it rains a lot and you know you want your trail shoes to be waterproof, then the Oboz Arete BDry will be a great option for you. If you’re looking for more breathability and something you can wear comfortably in warmer climates, we recommend the non-waterproof Arete.

Since all of my other hiking shoes are waterproof, the non-waterproof Arete provides breathability and functionality that my other shoes don’t provide.

Oboz Arete Mid

The Oboz Arete comes in both a mid and a low version. Which one is best really comes down to the terrain, the load you are carrying, and personal preference.

While I haven’t tried the mid-ankle version of the Arete ourselves, it seems like they’ve found the right balance of lightweight and breathability bolstered with ankle support, which provides more stability if you are carrying a heavy pack or hiking on uneven terrain.

Why We Love Oboz

We love Oboz because the people behind the brand are just as awesome as their shoes. Plus, as a brand, Oboz puts the planet first. They plant a tree for every pair of Oboz sold, and they donate shoes to nonprofits that help distribute them to people in need.

100% of the energy they use in their Bozeman office comes from renewable resources like wind, solar, and biomass, and they carbon offset all their shoe shipments. Now that’s the kind of brand that we want to support and stand behind, and we hope you will too!

Do you have any questions about the Oboz Arete? What is your experience with them? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Kristen Bor

Hey there! My name is Kristen, and this is my outdoor blog. I discovered the power of the outdoors in my 20s, at the time I needed it most. Now 15 years later, prioritizing that critical connection with nature continues to improve my life. My goal at Bearfoot Theory is to empower you with the tools and advice you need to responsibly get outside.

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  1. Versatile, breathable, light and comfortable! Sign me up! I’m always looking for a great all-round hiker! Cheers! Fingers crossed for the Giveaway!

  2. I currently wear the Oboz Sawtooth II for my everyday footwear. I hike, camp, walk, and work in these shoes. I love the width of the toebox and depth of the heal. They get bit heavy some times with everyday wear but Oboz are my “go to” brand. Thanks for sharing an honest review. I’m always looking for a good reliable everyday pair of shoes that fits what i need.

  3. Love my Oboz. Great recommendation. I purchased the sawtooth from your recommendation. Keep up the recommendations.

  4. Great post, these seems to be a fantastic pair of hiking shoes. I like that they are waterproof and very versatile!
    I also love that the company plants a tree for very pair sold, this is awesome.

  5. I have been shopping for new hiking boots (doing a backpacking trip this July for the first time in a loooong time) and have been checking Oboz out. Thanks so much for the insight!

  6. I love Oboz. I just got a pair of sawtooth II bdry low. Always looking for a versatile light weight hiker for travel and trail.

  7. I haven’t backpacked in a couple decades and am going in full force now. Looking for a great hiking shoe and have only recently heard of Oboz. Thanks for the well rounded review – very helpful.

  8. Bought the Oboz Sawtooth 11 based on Bearfoot Theory review and I was not disappointed! Would love to add this light weight Arete version to my footwear wardrobe, particularly for summer hikes and bike trips!

  9. These would be perfect for hiking when I travel. I never want to pack my real hiking boots because of their weight, so this is an awesome compromise.

    1. Great review! I am looking for a great pair of lightweights for summer adventures. Thanks Bearfoot Theory for always providing the best info for gear!

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  12. I like that the Oboz Arete comes in a variety of options – waterproof/non-waterproof, mid/low. If you like a shoe and it works for your feet, it’s nice to have options that might work for different purposes/environments.

      1. Hey Sean! We haven’t tried the Buck Pursuit Lows ourselves so we can’t say for sure, but the Oboz Aretes are lighter weight than other low hiking shoes that we’ve tried including the Oboz Sawtooths and the Merrell Moabs.

  13. I always love hiking boots wide enough for my arthritic toes. They are lightweight, comfortable, breathable, attractive and durable. Everything I’d want in an outdoor activity boot.

    1. I’d say the Aretes provide little to medium arch support. Your best bet will likely be to bring the orthotics along to try on with the shoes in store.

  14. I wonder if they fit like Keen hikers with the wider toe box? I had a pair of Keens that no matter what I tried (thick socks, different placings, miles and miles to break in) they gave me the worst blisters. Such a shame.

    1. Hi Marion – I’m not sure if the fit of the Arete’s is similar to Keens. I’d recommend trying them on in-store to see how they fit your foot and whether they’re comfortable for you.

  15. These seem to be great shoes! And the fact that the bdry is waterproof is wonderful! I’m always getting soggy socks from hiking in wet weather or through puddles.

    1. Hi Barbara – yes, what’s great about these hiking shoes is that they’re grippy and durable enough for rugged trails but also comfortable and lightweight for everyday wear. We’ve worn them on neighborhood walks and on all types of trails.

  16. Love reading your reviews!! I just shared your blog with a girlfriend that I’m taking on her first backpacking trip up in the Sawtooths in July! She’s loved reading through all your tips and tricks! Hope you’re doing well!

    1. That’s awesome Amy – thanks so much for sharing, we really appreciate it! I got to visit the Sawtooths for the first time with Kristen last summer and was blown away by how beautiful they are. Have an amazing trip!

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    1. We’re so glad you’re finding it helpful, Dawn. And that trip sounds amazing. Have fun out there!

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    1. Thank you so much, Brittni. That means the world to us to hear! Good luck with the giveaway!

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      1. The breathable, non-waterproof version of these would be great for Sedona since it can get hot there in the summer 🙂

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  33. I bought a pair of Oboz Bridger Low BDry Hiking Shoes from REI about 15 months ago. They are my everyday shoes and for local hikes in the hills with the dogs. They have been a great pair of shoes and I’ll likely buy another pair when these wear out.

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  56. I was not aware of this brand until reading your post. I love that they are light wight. The weight of the shoes has a huge impact on my feet and legs.

    1. Hi Melissa! We’ve worn them on long day hikes and they’ve stayed comfortable throughout, especially if you wear comfortable hiking socks 🙂

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  62. The Oboz Arete lightweight hiker has a wider forefoot and toe box which is better for my feet. My feet swell more now than ever before and I always need a shoe size that’s about 1/2 a size larger because going up to the next number is always too large.

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    1. Hi there! Yes, the waterproof version of this shoe will keep your feet dry when hiking on wet ground or walking through puddles.

  66. I don’t own any hiking shoes and plan on starting to hike this summer. These look so comfortable!

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  73. Thanks for this post and the giveaway. I love Oboz! I bought my first pair after trying to hike in tennis shoes on the rocky, steep, trails of Alaska. Those shoes saved my feet and are still going strong today. The one problem is that they most definitely a hiking shoe and it is hard to wear them running or for city wear. I would love to add the Aretes for my one-stop shoe. Again thanks for this opportunity.

    1. Sounds like the Arete would be perfect for what you’re looking for. Thanks for reading and good luck with the giveaway!

  74. Looking to replace my worn out hiking boots for a lighter style. I have never worn this brand before, thank you for the detailed review! As always, so helpful!

    1. Hi Leslie! They don’t currently come in a wide size, but I have wide, flat feet and they fit me very comfortably. If you’re unsure if they’d work for you we recommend trying them on in-store to make sure they feel good 🙂

  75. Thanks for such a detailed review! Most of my hiking shoes are waterproof as well. Nice to know that the non waterproof is much more breathable. And since these shoes are super light, it’ll be nice to carry a dry pair of shoes without worrying that it’ll add too much extra weight to your backpack.

    1. Glad you found it helpful! It’s definitely nice to have a lightweight alternative to hiking boots.

  76. These shoes look and sound amazing. I live in Montana and am stoked to hear about such a great company providing jobs and a great product near home. I just bought these mid height boots yesterday and am excited to give them a try!

    1. I would compare this more to a trail running shoe – it’s lightweight and flexible with good tread. Both Kristen and I have pretty flat feet so it’s hard for us to judge arch support, but I would say it’s moderate. If you need more support you could always add insoles and if you’re not sure if these would work for you, you may want to try them on in the store first. Hope that’s helpful!

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  80. I recently made the switch over to trail runners because in hiking boots I’ve always had feet pain and blisters. I am in love! I got a pair of altras, but I’m really interested in trying these out.

    1. We know a lot of people in the same boat who prefer to hike in trail runners. We prefer hiking boots with ankle support for long backpacking trips when we’re carrying a load but for day hikes or trips when you’re not carrying a heavy pack trail runners and lightweight hiking shoes like these Aretes are great. I think you’ll love them!

  81. I’ve been going on multi-day backpacking trips in an Oboz hiking boot for a couple years now and it has held up really well and provided good support for my problematic ankle. Since I just moved to Utah, I’ve been looking for a more durable shoe for day hiking. The low cut waterproof Arete looks like it could be a great fit. Thanks for the insight!

  82. Thank you for this thorough, well-written review! I can respect and trust your judgement—these look like a great choice for my next pair of lightweight shoes! Thanks Kristen and Oboz 🙂

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  84. Love your blog, thank you! I just started hiking and I am looking for a great shoe. I can’t wait to try Oboz. Thanks for this opportunity~

    1. Thank you for reading and for the kind words and for entering the giveaway. We hope to do more of these in the future. If you haven’t tried Oboz yet, I encourage you to try them out – they really make great shoes 🙂

  85. I have a lot of pain So finding shoes that don’t aggravate my neuroma is challenging. Hoping these have great support

    1. I can imagine that’s challenging. I’d say the support on these is moderate – if you have an insole that you’ve found helps you may want to try them out with these shoes to see how that feels. Best of luck!

  86. My Oboz are the only hiking books I’ve ever found that I love. I can hike longer without sore feet and go up and down steep hills with ease.

    1. That’s great to hear! It’s so important to find a comfortable pair of shoes, it makes hiking so much better 🙂

    1. Hi Patricia! We’ve worn them on all day hikes and have found them comfortable through the end, especially when wearing good hiking socks.

  87. Do you have a contact at Oboz? I ordered the Oboz Arete Low after reading this review and when it arrived I slipped it on and it felt really, really great. EXCEPT one major major flaw. The bottom of the tongue on both shoes is sewn to the rest of the shoe in the middle instead of around the edges, which leaves a bunch of slightly stiff fabric from the tongue hanging down on the top of my foot and rubbing on it as I move. It’s like if someone took a big woodchip and stuck it in the top of your shoe on top of your foot.
    You can see in the REI reviews that other people seem to be having the same issue.
    Upon feeling around in there more it feels like the fabric hanging down has dried glue on the back of it, so maybe for some reason that fabric was glued to the top of the shoe rather than sewn, and the glue they used is unreliable and fails in some of the shoes. Is there a way to find this out? I can get a refund no problem but I love the feel of the shoe otherwise so I’m hoping there are just a handful of defective ones out there that I got and that others who have reviewed them got. I can’t imagine you wouldn’t have noticed it if it were happening with yours because, like I said, it literally feels like someone put a big woodchip or giant rock into your shoe.

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