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Bearfoot Theory is the outdoor travel blog for the everyday explorer, where founder Kristen Bor helps readers discover new destinations, conquer their outdoor fears, and get their hands on the latest and greatest gear.

Kristen travels all over the globe to exciting adventure destinations and shares her best experiences, tips, and travel products with her readers through engaging video, stunning photography, and a personal voice.

At three years old, Bearfoot Theory reaches over 1.6 million adventure travelers each year.

The Bearfoot Theory Community

Bearfoot Theory readers are adventure travelers and van life enthusiasts who prefer active vacations involving hiking, kayaking, skiing, camping, backpacking, photography, and other outdoor activities.


  • Gender: Female (58%) / Male (42%)
  • Age: 25-34 (37%) / 35-44 (20%) / 18-24 (15%)
  • Location: 1) United States (80%) 2) Europe (8%) 3) Canada (5%)


  • 80% travel internationally at least every 2 years
  • 70% said they’d be interested in joining a Bearfoot Theory Group Tour
  • 73% have traveled to a destination they read about on Bearfoot Theory
  • 40% spend between $2000-5000 per year on travel, while 22% spend more than $5000 per year


  • 45% have purchased gear based on a Bearfoot Theory recommendation
  • 30% spend more than $1000 per year on outdoor gear & travel products
  • Quality and positive online reviews are the top factors they consider before making a purchase
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Why Work with Bearfoot Theory

From REI, to GoPro, The North Face, and Visit California, Bearfoot Theory has worked with a number of top adventure brands and destinations, and a partnership with Bearfoot Theory is a powerful way to reach a new niche audience of adventure travel enthusiasts.

A healthy amount of fear is normal but not when it is holding you back from getting outside?Here are our tips and advice for how to overcome fears of the outdoors.
of readers have traveled to a destination they discovered on Bearfoot Theory
of readers have bought gear based on a Bearfoot Theory recommendation
per month in affiliate sales of outdoor travel gear

Collaboration Case Studies


Kristen worked on a 2017 fall campaign with REI that included a series of blog posts, a holiday gift guide, social media and newsletter promotion. Affiliate sales resulting from these campaigns exceeded over $75,000 in Q4.


  •   Everest Basecamp Group Tour with Anywhere Plus

This was a SOLD-OUT group tour where 8 Bearfoot Theory readers joined Kristen on a 2-week trip in Nepal. Kristen marketed the trip, and while in Nepal Kristen created a series of blog postsYouTube videos, and social media promotion for the company Anywhere Plus.


  •   The North Face Thermoball Campaign

Kristen created a content package to promote The North Face Thermoball Jacket. The campaign included a packing video on YouTubesocial media promotion, a viral hiking gear guide with over 20,000 Pinterest shares, and a blog post that ran on the


  •   Alta Ski Area Campaign

Kristen worked with Alta Ski Resort for two seasons and produced a YouTube video of the All-Women’s Ski Camp at the Alta Lodge. She also published hotel reviews, an Alta vacation guide, and posted on social media throughout the duration of the campaign.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we send you product in exchange for promotion?

Bearfoot Theory is a business run by Kristen and a team of people, and we don’t work for free product. Through a partnership, we are providing a skilled service, our time, and access to our readership which Kristen has worked very hard to build. For more on our rates, see the next question.

How much do you charge?

Bearfoot Theory offers a variety of campaign packages, and rates depend on the type and amount of content you are looking for. To discuss your specific needs and campaign goals, request a copy our media kit by clicking the button below. Add some details about your project and an idea of your budget, and we will follow-up with our media kit and more details.

Do you sell links or allow guest posts from brands?

No. Kristen only writes about products that she tries, uses, and stands behind. If you are only interested in a link, guest post, or infographic, please do not contact us.

What our readers say

Raised in the northeast and always on the ocean, getting into the mountains to hike and camp are new adventures for me! The information on Bearfoot Theory has been motivation to just get out there and DO IT!  Your posts help me think about essentials, planning, safety and fun!  I especially like your gear lists.  I appreciate that you take time to explain not only why I need an item, but you explain why you recommend that brand or item. Thanks for being an inspiration and educator!

I’ve only been following Kristen for a few months, but she has answers to a lot of my outdoor questions! While I am not a newcomer to the outdoor world, her product reviews are solid (thanks to the introduction of the Jack Black lip balm!) and her traveling suggestions are very helpful.  She provides knowledge on a variety of topics, of which, is all her first hand experience so I enjoy that she is honest and open.  I know I will be utilizing her website as I continue to dive into the world of sprinter van life.

Want to collaborate?

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