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Bearfoot Theory is the outdoor travel blog for the everyday explorer, where founder Kristen Bor helps readers discover new destinations, conquer their outdoor fears, and get their hands on the latest and greatest gear.  Kristen travels all over the globe to exciting adventure destinations and shares her best experiences, tips, and travel products with her readers through engaging video, stunning photography, and a personal voice.

At three years old, Bearfoot Theory reaches over 1 million adventure travelers each year.



From REI, GoPro, The North Face, and Visit California, Bearfoot Theory has worked with some of the top adventure brands out there, and a partnership with Bearfoot Theory is a powerful way to expand your reach to a new audience of adventure travel enthusiasts. Results from a recent reader survey demonstrate that Bearfoot Theory’s audience makes travel and purchasing decisions based on Kristen’s recommendations:

  • 45% have traveled to a destination they discovered on Bearfoot Theory
  • 43% have purchased outdoor gear and travel products based on a Bearfoot Theory recommendation

Recent campaign examples

Bearfoot Theory Statistics

  • Monthly readers: 120,000
  • Monthly page views: 220,000
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 9,300
  • Social Media Followers: 91,000
  • Average monthly affiliate sales: $35,000

Who reads Bearfoot Theory?

According to a recent reader survey and Google analytics, Bearfoot Theory’s audience consists of

  • Gender: Female (58%) / Male (42%) / ages 25-45 / North America, UK, Australia
  • Interests/Activities: Outdoor activities (trekking, kayaking, skiing, road trips, biking), Photography, Adventure Travel
  • International travel: 80% travel internationally at least every 2 years & 70% said they would be interested in joining a Bearfoot Theory guided group tour
  • Travel spending: 40% spend between $2000-$5000 per year on travel, while 22% spend more than $5000 per year
  • Gear spending: Quality and positive online reviews are the top factors they consider before purchasing new gear. 60% spend at least $500 annually on outdoor gear (with 30% spending more than $1000)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we send you product in exchange for promotion?

Bearfoot Theory is a business run by Kristen and her team of people, and we don’t work for free product. Through a partnership, we are providing a skilled service, our time, and access to our readership which Kristen has worked very hard to build. For more on our rates, see the next question.

 How much do you charge?

Bearfoot Theory offers a variety of campaign packages, and rates depend on the type and amount of content you are looking for. To discuss your specific needs and campaign goals, request a copy our media kit by clicking the button below, and we will follow-up with our media kit and more details.


 Do you sell links?

No. Kristen only writes about products that she tries, uses, and stands behind. Selling links is also against Google practices. If you are only interested in links, please do not contact us.

Press & Media

What our Partners say

“We brought Kristen on board as a Mountain Hardwear Ambassador in Spring of 2015, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Between her professionalism, her ability to draw in an audience with her authentic voice, and her engaging website, she really stands out in an increasingly crowded outdoor blogger space. She’s full of ideas on how to put a fresh spin on our brand, and her creative approach has helped us connect with a large new segment of outdoor enthusiasts. We love the enthusiasm and energy she brings to the table and highly recommend her” – Joe Gomez, Mountain Hardwear
“In October 2015, Kristen took over our National Parks Conservation Association Instagram feed in order to help us build up our following, and the collaboration was a huge success. Over the 6-day takeover, our following increased by almost 12%, and our engagement rates were 3 times higher than normal. Not only did Kristen present a series of gorgeous photos with a fun and captivating tone, she went far above our expectations in her effort to cross-promote NPCA across her social media channels. Kristen really delivered, and we are excited to work with her again in the future.” – Megan Cantrell, National Parks Conservation Association
“Abel Tasman Kayaks had the pleasure of hosting Kristen in December 2016 on our three-day kayaking adventure. Her blog on her experience was a fantastic read, and we would comfortably say it was the the most reflective blog review we have ever received.  Immediately following her post, we received four bookings directly and have continue to receive subsequent bookings which can be attributed directly to her blog. She really understands the audience she is writing for and her ability to communicate to them without it feeling contrived is a real skill.  Kristen’s video also exceeded our expectations and allows our customers to get a real sense of our three day classic trip.  She understood our brand and communicated that through excellent visual storytelling.  We would highly recommend working with Kirsten. She was a pleasure to deal with and host.” -Jack Kelly, Abel Tasman Kayaks 
“Kristen is a passionate, creative, and polished content creator who really knows how to bring a destination to life. As a contributing author to Matador Network, she has generated exceptional pieces for our clients, and always delivers in a voice that is consistent with Matador’s style and personality. She is responsive, professional, and takes her work seriously. We’ve really enjoyed collaborating with her and recommend her to any travel-related business looking to strengthen their online presence through strategic content creation.” -Ailsa Ross, The Matador Network
“Kristen’s fresh and vibrant approach to travel storytelling fits perfectly with the ebb and flow of Huntington Beach’s endless summer days. Her HB Travel Guide is a gem, and captures the essence of what it feels, looks, tastes and smells like to spend a few days in the open air of our ten miles of beachfront paradise. She’s a pro, highly collaborative and absolute delight to work with in conveying our destination experience to savvy travelers.” – Susan Thomas, Visit Huntington Beach

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