Welcome to Bearfoot Theory! Thanks for stopping by. Bearfoot Theory is the one-stop source for adventure planning geared towards everyday people looking to travel and spend more time outside.


The goal of Bearfoot Theory is to dispel the myths and overcome barriers that prevent many people from getting outside.

“I don’t have the right gear, ” “I don’t know where to go,” “I’m not going to be good at that.”

We’ve heard it all, and we are here to provide you everything you need to


Bearfoot Theory’s founder, Kristen Bor, was a late outdoor bloomer, and when she was getting started, she was searching all of the mainstream adventure websites and outdoor magazines for information. What she found was athletes skiing off of cliffs, kayaking class 5 rapids, and running ultra-marathons. Like most people, she couldn’t relate, and instead of being inspired, she was intimidated.

And that’s how Bearfoot Theory was formed.


We are here to tell you that you don’t have to be a risk-taking adrenaline junkie and do things beyond your comfort level to have an awesome time in the outdoors.

Our mission with Bearfoot Theory is to be

a source of inspiration and information for everyday people looking to have an authentic outdoor experience.

We’ll show you that an outdoor lifestyle is easy, accessible, and fun. We’ll share our favorite outdoor destinations – from National Parks to off-the-beaten path trails to the best international adventures. We’ll tell you what gear you do and don’t need. And most importantly

we’re here to help you build more confidence in your outdoor abilities.

Oh…and if you are wondering where the name Bearfoot Theory comes from…Kristen has a Grateful Dead dancing bear tattooed on her right foot. She got it right out of college and still loves it till this day.

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Kristen Bor – Founder

Kristen Bor / Bearfoot Theory

In her former life, Kristen wore a suit and heels in the halls of Capitol Hill working to promote policies to protect healthy oceans and public lands. In 2014, she decided that the DC hustle wasn’t for her, so she left her job, sold her condo, moved back West, and started Bearfoot Theory. Since launching this new venture, she spent 3 months on a solo road trip in New Zealand, backpacked for 22 days on the John Muir Trail, and offered her first group tour to Everest Basecamp. She currently lives full-time on the road in a 4×4 Sprinter Van that she plans on taking on a BIG adventure. Maybe Alaska. Maybe South America. You’ll have to follow along to find out 🙂 Oh and if you want to know more about the Sprinter Van lifestyle, check out her new website Sprinter Camper Vans.


Kim Vawter – Director of Content


Kim first discovered Bearfoot Theory when she was researching the best outdoor gear for her upcoming thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. One year later and 2,650 miles stronger, Kim is now the Director of Content here at Bearfoot Theory. A former principal who jumped ship to solo hike the PCT, Kim brings her first-hand knowledge of backpacking and outdoor gear to Bearfoot Theory, where she is working to inspire all of us to live a more adventurous life. Kim currently digs trying new vegetarian recipes, practicing yoga, and living near the ocean in her new home of Santa Barbara, California, where she is challenging herself to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. She also loves researching and designing trip itineraries for solo travel or adventures with friends and family. Whether to accomplish her personal goal of visiting every national park in the US or to discover new international destinations, she loves to get out there and explore! To learn more about Kim and to view life through her eyes check out her Instagram

Ben & Jenna Thomas – Colorado Experts

Ben_Jenna_Thomas_Chief_Mtn (1)Both raised on Colorado’s Front Range, Ben and Jenna Thomas spent their childhoods getting to know the outdoors with their family and friends. They met in college at the University of Colorado and have lived all over the state–Boulder, Fort Collins, Denver, and Carbondale. This year, they decided it was time to see the world outside their beloved Colorado, so they packed their backpacks and hit the road. They’ve lived in a van in New Zealand, followed the backpacker trail through Southeast Asia, climbed the tallest mountain in Morocco, and fallen in love with Slovenia…And while they are having a blast traveling, they’ve realized that no matter how far they roam, they feel lucky to call the Rocky Mountains home. Their favorite way to get outdoors is hiking, backpacking, or trail running with their dog, Copper. They also love to paddle board and sea kayak when they’re on the water. On Bearfoot Theory, they share their favorite places and insider vacation tips for Colorado.

Follow their adventures here: I Instagram I Facebook

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Bearfoot Theory works with brands and destinations to showcase cool outdoor travel gear and exciting outdoor adventures all around the globe. Kristen is also available for social media consulting, blog mentoring, and freelance writing opportunities. For more information about the work we do, head to our services page.