4 Reasons to Buy Used Outdoor Gear

Save money and keep stuff out of landfills! Here is a list of the best reasons why you should buy used outdoor gear from REI Co-op’s new used gear site.


This just in: The REI Co-op Used Gear section is live! Outdoor enthusiasts and gear lovers can now score hundreds of pre-loved products for way less than before, including used sleeping pads, camp furniture, and even pet gear!

Buying used outdoor gear is a great way to be a more eco-conscious outdoors person and to save money so you can budget more for your actual trip. As devoted REI Members, we’re stoked on all the reasons why our favorite outdoor company is making it even easier for the Co-op community to get used versions of the best gear on the market.

Ready to reduce, reuse and adventure? Here are the best reasons to buy used outdoor gear from REI Co-op’s Used Gear shop.

Buying Used Outdoor Gear is Cheaper

It’s not a secret that reselling a piece of outdoor gear will result in a lower price and for some items, this could be a big price difference. Enjoying the outdoors is free but getting proper gear definitely isn’t, and if you’re trying to save money or simply can’t afford a big ticket item, buying used outdoor gear is the way to go. At REI Used, they sell pre-loved, gently used items that have been closely inspected, so you can still score quality items for a fraction of the cost.

Here are a few scores on REI’s used gear site to check out:

Instead of dropping a lot of dough on expensive new gear, save your splurging for an incredible trip or tour.

Used Outdoor Gear is Better for the Environment

From water and air emissions to overproduction of textiles to factory operations and more, the production of new outdoor gear leaves a hefty carbon footprint whether we like it or not. Although many outdoor gear companies, including REI, have begun to implement positive changes like reducing waste, harnessing solar, utilizing organic and recycled materials, and lowering water consumption, creating new gear still makes a big environmental impact. So instead of going for that new pack straight away, check out what might already be in REI’s used gear shop just waiting to be found. This will help you get what you need and minimize impact at the same time.

Save money and keep stuff out of landfills! Here is a list of the best reasons why you should buy used outdoor gear from REI Co-op’s new used gear site.

It’s Already Been Broken In

Among the gear that’s up for sale, REI’s used section includes a wide array of footwear, like hiking boots, climbing shoes, winter boots, running shoes and more. What’s the benefit of buying a previously-owned pair of shoes, you might wonder? Well, they’ve already been cleaned and broken in for you. Just think of it as if someone had done you the favor of walking around in your new hiking boots to soften them up — which, in a way, they kind of did. The new best blister prevention for outdoor footwear? Buying a used pair.

You Can Try Out Something New for Less

All the research in the world can’t replace the value of time and experience. Until you’ve gone out on a multi-day backpacking trip or overnight kayaking trip, you won’t really know what kind of gear works best for you. Buying used outdoor gear, especially if you are new to the outdoors, relieves the pressure and your expectation to make the perfect purchase every time. Don’t get us wrong, we think you can get pretty darn close and even nail it with the gear advice we share here at Bearfoot Theory, but buying used outdoor gear makes the process of trying out new products a bit easier and less of a risk.

Save money and keep stuff out of landfills! Here is a list of the best reasons why you should buy used outdoor gear from REI Co-op’s new used gear site.

How the REI Used Gear Program Works

If you’re already an REI Member, you know that they have the best return policy in the outdoor industry…so what happens to that gently used gear that didn’t work out for the last person? The REI Used Gear Site is where it is now ending up. REI inspects the gear to make sure it’s in good condition, and then they set the price accordingly. Some of the used gear may have only been used once or twice, so when you think of it like that, some of the “used” gear is practically brand new.

So check it out, save some money, and then explore our Destination Archives to plan a trip with the money you have left over!


A list of the best reasons why you should buy used outdoor gear from REI Co-op’s new used gear site. It's about more than just buying discount outdoor gear.

Have you ever bought used outdoor gear? Leave us a comment below.

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  1. Hi Kristin/Bearfoot Theory!

    Great post! The struggle to justify outdoor gear in a sustainability context is REAL. I was wondering if you had any commentary about how to avoid microfibers as we continue to learn how harmful they are? #concerned

      Hey Cindy!
      Katherine, chiming in here. I believe BlueSign Certification indicates the safety of textiles and prevents any known harmful materials from being used in the process. Check out their website, it’s an awesome organization https://bluesign.com/

      Thanks for reading!
      – K

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