The Top New Zealand Instagram Acccounts

The Top New Zealand Instagram Accounts

New Zealand was on my adventure bucketlist for a long time, but it was all the awesome photos I saw on Instagram that made me pull the trigger and plan a trip. Here is a list of some of top New Zealand Instagram accounts that I used to shape my itinerary and discover some of the best destinations in New Zealand.


** Check out the best New Zealand photos from my three-month road trip on the Bearfoot Theory Instagram feed! **

— YoungAdventuress —

Top New Zealand Instagrammers: YoungAdventuress

 — BareKiwi —

Best New Zealand Instagrammers - BareKiwi

 — MrLesterChan —

Top New Zealand Instagrammers: MrLestererChan

— queenstownlife —

Top New Zealand Instagram Accounts

 — CompletelyWanderlust —

Top New Zealand Instagrammers: @completelywanderlust

 — Talman —

Best New Zealand Instagrammers: Talman

 — —

Top New Zealand Instagrammers

— —

Top New Zealand Instagrammers:

— geoffreidnz —

Best Instagrammers in New Zealand: Geoffreidnz

 — samdeuchrass —

Best New Zealand Instagrammers: Sam Duechrass

 — thekiwifrog —

Best New Zealand Instagrammers: thekiwifrog

— the_viewfinda —

Best New Zealand Instagrammers: the_viewfinda

— micimage —

Best New Zealand Instagrammers: Micimage

 — agphotofr —

Best New Zealand Instagrammers: agphotofr

 — HighLuxphoto —

Best New Zealand Instagrammers: Mark Watson

— beljones_ —

Best New Zealand Instagrammers: Beljones_

 — GoProANZ —
Best New Zealand Instagram Accounts: GoProANZ

— captureNZ —

Top New Zealand Instagram Accounts: Sam Kennedy

—  Debc_nz —

Best Instagrammers in New Zealand: Debc_nz

— cassidyexplores —

CassidyExplores Instagram

— ellenprojects —Best New Zealand Instagram Accounts: Ellenprojects

And just in case you haven’t seen my feed…

— BearfootTheory —

Top New Zealand Instagram Photos: Bearfoot Theory



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  1. Thanks for the list, there are some amazing shots in there! Definitely helpful as we’ll be traveling to NZ in about 3 weeks. Really looking forward to it!

      Sweet! You’re gonna love it. Make sure to check out my road trip journals and let me know if you have questions!

    Wellllllllll it looks like I’ll be adding 10 new accounts to my following list! Absolutely love NZ, we went for our honeymoon and I never wanted to leave!

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