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Our goal at Bearfoot Theory is to show you how to get outside. We are a blog for EVERYDAY PEOPLE. Hikers. Skiers. Campers. Environmentalists. Travelers. Backpackers. Paddlers. Sun-bathers. We aim to get you outdoors and having fun.

Getting outside should be simple but the truth is travel planning can be tough. Where do you even start? With the right information, the right gear, and a healthy dose of inspiration, we break down the barriers that prevent you from getting outside or taking that first big trip abroad. Time? Money? Skills? Gear? We tackle all of these roadblocks step by step and show you that traveling and getting outside is easy and accessible. Whether you’re a complete outdoor newbie or have trekked all around the globe, Bearfoot Theory is the place you’ll find relatable advice, trip reports, and useful tips to help you simplify your adventure planning – so you can stop making excuses and start spending more time outside.

Destinations: Where to Go

The first step is deciding WHERE to go. When I write about my favorite destinations & trips on Bearfoot Theory, my goal is to provide all of the important little details so you don’t have to turn to Google to fill in the information gaps. Whether you want to visit Southern Utah’s national parks, backpack on the John Muir Trail, a road trip around New Zealand, or trek to Everest Basecamp, I’ve got posts that will save you time and simplify the adventure planning process.

Here are some of our favorite spots to check out:

Planning to visit a National Park? You can view all of our National Park Guides here. All of our destination guides can be found organized by state here. If you’re looking for an international adventure, like Everest Basecamp, road tripping New Zealand, or exploring Canada we have those too.

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Gear Guides

Next, you need the RIGHT GEAR for getting outside. Quality gear should last you a long time and make your time in the outdoors more enjoyable. Whether you need gear for an upcoming weekend trip, a long-distance hike, or a trip abroad we have plenty of recommendations.

Need help with the basics? A great place to start is our 3 day Backpacking Checklist. We also have “How to Choose” guides to walk you through important things to consider when making large purchases along with providing a list of our go-to items.

Here are our favorite posts for building your gear closet:

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Skills: Learn Something New

Get outside, explore, and have some fun. From first-timers to advanced tips we’re all about making the outdoors accessible to all. Whether it’s conquering your first 14er, bike packing for the first time, or just backpacking with friends, we’ve got tips, tricks and plenty of helpful blog posts to support you. If you are brand new to the outdoors, start with our Outdoor 101 Posts.


Camping & Backpacking

Winter Adventures

Explore our Outdoor 101 Posts

Vanlife & Road Tripping

Back in 2015 I bought an empty 4×4 Mercedes cargo Sprinter Van and had it converted to a tiny home on wheels. I’m now on my 2nd Sprinter Van – a 170″ wheelbase converted by Outside Van – and spend more than half of every year living on the road.

Making the jump to Sprinter van life is a big decision, here are some of my favorite posts about living on the road:

Here are my top posts on buying & converting a Sprinter van:

Check out these blog posts for some of my favorite functional vanlife gear.

Explore all of our Vanlife Posts

Environmental Responsibility: Knowledge & Information

This one is a big one to us and should be hot on everyone’s list. At Bearfoot Theory we share our favorite places, and we want these places to stay as pristine as they were when we first visited them. As more people discover the benefits of the outdoors, it’s very important that you take the time to educate yourself on Leave No Trace and commit to doing your part to maintain the trails. This means being respectful of others, packing out ALL trash (including toilet paper), and following all established rules.

If you’re new to the concepts of Leave No Trace or you have questions we have a lot of resources to guide you. Please take the time to read them and even better, share them with your friends so we can help spread the word about Leave No Trace.

How to Leave No Trace:

Tips of getting involved with Outdoor Advocacy:

Learn all about Leave No Trace

Inspirational Reads: Get Moving

Bearfoot Theory is all about being real and honest. I started Bearfoot Theory when I was 30 to show people that it’s never too late to get your start in the outdoors. Whether you just need a little push to get outside your comfort zone or are looking for advice, we’ve got it. I’ve worked in the past few years to share more about my own journey with the outdoors. My goal is for you to see how the outdoors continues to transform me into the happy and healthy person I am today.

Here are some inspiration reads to get you outdoors & having fun:

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