Where to Buy Running Shoes Online + Road Runner Sports VIP Discounts

Where to Buy Running Shoes Online

Before my New Zealand trip, I was looking for a pair of tennis shoes. I wanted something I could wear everyday, whether I was walking around a town, running a trail, or hanging out at camp. I’d been researching where to buy running shoes online, and I came across Road Runner Sports – an online retailer that sells pretty much any type of athletic shoe you could want.

I’ve always a little hesitant when I buy new shoes. I have very flat feet and have had problems in the past with heel pain, shin splits, and an inflamed tendons in one of my big toe….and there’s nothing worse than spending $120 on a pair of shoes to find out they just don’t work for your feet.

But with Road Runner Sports, this isn’t something I had to worry about thanks to their VIP 90-day trial period.

The Road Runner Sports VIP Program

Here’s what you get with the Road Runner Sports VIP Program, which currently costs just $1.99 for your first year.

Three full months to test out your shoes. Then if you decide you don’t like them after the trial period, you can exchange them for something else. No questions asked.

 A 10% discount on everything they sell, all the time. So if you are buying a $120 pair of shoes, you save $12 and your VIP membership is already paid for times 6 (Right now until May 16th, they are sweetening the deal with a big sale for both VIPs and non-VIPs….scroll to the bottom for more details).

Free shipping on everything

A lowest price guarantee….if you find the shoe cheaper somewhere else, they will reimburse you the difference.

My Experience with Road Runner Sports

As I was browsing the Road Runner Sports site, I found their fitting guides to be very helpful. For each pair of shoes, it tells you the relative level of cushion, arch, and how the shoe fits.

For my New Zealand trip, I decided to go with the Brooks Cascadia. On the description, Road Runner Sports said to buy a half size up. I normally wear a 9, so I followed the advice and got a 9.5. I was stoked when they came in the mail, and my new shoes fit like a glove. I ended up putting a lot of miles on my Brooks Cascadia shoes during my New Zealand trip – from hiking in Mount Cook to exploring Queenstown, and was very happy that I never had any problems.

Me and my Brooks Cascadia shoes at New Zealand's Mount Cook National Park

Me and my Brooks Cascadia shoes at New Zealand's Mount Cook National Park

When I returned to Salt Lake, I got the crazy idea that maybe I should run another half marathon (still on the fence about this one). I’ve run two in the last year and a half, but the second one I ended up with tendonitis due to a bad pair of shoes (and ok…maybe a little lack of training). Anyways, I wanted to make my next running shoe selection very carefully and was looking for something with good support and lots of cushion.

I’d had my eye on a pair of Hokas – a new-to-me running shoe – that I had heard really good things about. People have told me that wearing Hokas is like running on air, and with the VIP program, I knew I could try them risk free for 90 days. I picked a pair of the Hoka One One Stinson 3 running shoes and immediately took them for a test run up City Creek in Salt Lake. I’d have to say I agree…they are incredibly light and the ground impact is very minimal.

Hoka One One Stinson 3 running shoes

Hoka One One Stinson 3 running shoes

Hoka One One Stinson 3 running shoes

I also took them on a trip to Kodachrome Basin where I had the chance to break them in on the trails….I even got to pretend I was an olympian hurdler. (What’s not pictured is my near face plant post-hurdle – not due to the shoes, but 100% due to my lack of grace).

Hoka One One Stinson 3 running shoes (Photo: Lane Peters Multimedia)

Photo: Lane Peters Multimedia

Overall, I would say the Hokas are very comfortable, but I am having a bit of rubbing on the inside of my right foot (which is a little wider than my left). I’m hoping I’m able to break them in, but either way I’m happy that I still have 6 weeks left to figure out whether I want to keep them with the VIP program.

Popular Shoes from Road Runner Sports

If you are looking for a new pair of tennis shoes, I’ve been really happy with my experience with Road Runner Sports. In addition to running shoes they also have tons of cute (and functional) summer sandals including brands like Chacos and Sanuk, as well as some very affordable active apparel.

Popular Athletic Shoes

Popular Sandals

Road Runner Sports Sale

Just in time for summer, Road Runner Sports is running a sale from May 2-16 offering up to 25% off on all shoes for VIP members and 15% for everyone else. Click on the banner below for more details!



Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Road Runner Sports, and the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase, I receive a tiny bit of compensation at no added cost to you. Any purchases you make help keep this blog going…so thanks for all of your support! If you ever have any questions about any of the products featured on my site, please email me. Thanks! Kristen

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  1. I have the very same Hoka One One’s! That name must be Maori for “clouds for your feet”. ;> I started walking a lot playing a game called Ingress and ended up with every foot ailment possible. After 3 new pairs of shoes I bought the Stinsons and wear them constantly. I only had to add a pair of heel cushions for my achilles’ tendon issues.

    P.S. I love your van. I’d love to get fit and healthy enough to live a life like yours.

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