Mexican Coffee Recipe and Stanley Giveaway

Ever since I did a campaign with Stanley Brand last fall, their classic one-hand vacuum mug has become my go-to for my morning coffee and camp cocktails. It’s been with me everywhere from Burning Man to my recent 7 day rafting trip on the Green River.

Camping on the Green River

Tropical camp cocktails in Stanley mugs

There’s a few reasons I love this mug more than most. First, it’s insulated. In situations where your ice supply is limited, it’s really nice to have a mug that makes the ice last. Or on those cold mornings, it helps keep your coffee hot for hours (see below for my new favorite Mexican coffee recipe). Second, it’s totally spill proof and opens with the quick push of a button.

In addition to the mug, I also have the Stanley Brand 16oz pint glass with a built-in bottle opener and their low profile stainless steel flask. Between the three, you’ve pretty much got every beverage situation covered. And now I’ve got a complete set to give away to one lucky Bearfoot Reader.

Stanley Adventure Gift Pack Giveaway

All you have to do to for a chance to win the Bearfoot Stanley Brand giveaway is enter your email in the form before. Then for additional chances to win, you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or my other social channels, or you can share the giveaway with your friends. Just follow the instructions after entering your email.

Boozy Mexican Coffee Recipe

Now to the good stuff. On my recent river trip in Southern Utah, my friends introduced me to this tasty boozy version of Mexican coffee, which they like to refer to as “Wreckfast.”

*Fill your mug 3/4 full of coffee*

(To make coffee for a big group, use a percolator like this one…or for individual cups, try the Aeropress)

*Add 1 part tequila*

*Add 1 part Bailey’s Irish Cream*

*Stir and enjoy*

(Just make sure to drink responsibly – especially if you are starting your day off with one of these)

Camping on the Green River

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