The 10 Coolest Sprinter Camper Vans on Instagram

The 10 Coolest Sprinter Camper Vans on Instagram

**Updated April 2017** As many of you know I bought a Sprinter camper van and have been loving life on the road. What makes Sprinter camper vans different from many other vans is that you can stand straight up inside them, they get impressive gas mileage, and the 144” wheel base can fit in a normal parking spot. And as of 2015, they are now available as 4WD.  These features make the Sprinter Van an attractive option for a camper whether you want to live in one full-time or if you are a weekend warrior who wants to use it as your everyday vehicle.

I recently started the Instagram feed, @sprintercampervans to showcase the best sprinter camper vans on the web and to help connect and grow the Sprinter Van community. Check out a full inside tour of my Sprinter van and the current top 10 coolest sprinter camper vans on Instagram.

Watch this video and get the full inside tour of my 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter converted camper van.

** Want more info on my buildout?…Read Next: The Full Tour of my 4×4 Sprinter Camper Van **



sprinter camper vans


sprinter camper vans


sprinter camper vans


sprinter camper vans


sprinter camper vans


sprinter camper vans


sprinter camper vans


sprinter camper vans


sprinter camper vans




sprinter camper vans

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  1. Wow, thanks Kristen! This is so awesome! Congrats on your new van!

    Wait.. what… I demand a recount!! 🙂

      Hey there! Thanks for flagging your account. Your sprinter looks awesome…maybe I’ll need to do a round 2. Happy sprintering and excited to follow along on your adventures. -Kristen

    Just started a new one:, maybe you like it 😉

      Cool Peter! I’ll check it out for sure. Thanks for flagging.

    I am absolutely chomping at the bit to get out there! I love your entire setup! You really thought of everything and I wouldn’t change any of it! Just WOW! Wishing you only wonderful things! Thanks for sharing all of this with us! Tammie Parrish Miller

    Congratulations Krinten, I found your blog while researching on eco-friendly Camper Vans, I love your setting the best, I hope I can get mine by next year! I thank you for posting all that useful information and for sharing your journey, it is an inspiration,

    I really like your honest comments about days of rain and pesky mosquitoes… you sound real. Speaking of annoyances (?)
    we had a sheriff tapping on the bumpers. They were polite, but why at 4:00 AM? Don’t ya wonder where they were at 3:00 AM? …and where are they going at 4:30? Actually, our “Home Depot” driveway alarm gave us a heads up about 5 minutes before the lights off p/u-truck arrived. I’ve just started to set the battery operated alarms out a couple hundred feet on a nearby road or access. Really simple and cheap.

    Do you have a listing of everything you used to customize your Sprinter?
    Getting ready to start the process…

    Hi Kristen! I just found your blog and love it!! I was just wondering when you got serious about van life and the outdoors! I really want to do a road trip and set up my truck so I can sleep there but am pretty young (still in college and still living with my parents during the summers). My parents are also very worried about me going, for the most part, by myself but I can’t seem to find people who are also interested, how and where did you find a community that supported this awesome lifestyle that you have? I also have a few questions about finances. For instance, when I finish school, I will definitely have student loans to pay back, do you have a source of income other than this blog and whatnot? Sorry for all the questions, probably not the best post for this but I couldn’t help myself!!

      Hey Avery – I’ve been blogging full time for three years and it is my sole source of income. It took a lot of work to get here, but it’s all been worth it. I’m hoping to write more posts about that kind of stuff soon. Please subscribe to my newsletter to be kept in the loop:

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