Beach Vacation Packing List: 8 Fun Essentials

8 Essentials for Your Next Beach Vacation

Comin’ atcha from Belize, where I’m currently on a month long road trip! My travel buddies and I have only been here for a few days, but we wasted no time making our way to the beach. I’m so excited to restore that Vitamin D and to dig my toes in the sand.

If you are like me, right about now in mid-January is when you start to feel the winter blahs. So if you are dreaming about your next tropical beach vacation, here’s 8 fun (and mostly inexpensive) items from my beach vacation packing list that will inspire you to start planning your next warm winter getaway. The only other things you’ll need are your swim suit and that sunblock and you’ll be ready to get your tan on.

1) Quick Drying Yoga Rat Beach Towel

I always like to bring a compact, quick dry towel with me on my beach vacations, especially if I’m not staying in a normal hotel. Weighing only 10.5 ounces, this microfiber beach-sized towel from Yoga Rat takes up very little space in your bag and doesn’t trap sand and dirt like a regular beach towel. After the beach, hang it up, and it will be dry in a jiffy, ready for your next adventure (or shower). They come in a bunch of cute colors, and they also make a beach blanket that is perfect for outings closer to home.

Shop: Yoga Rat SportLite Beach & Pool Towel ($14)

2) SONY Mirrorless Camera and Vintage Camera Strap

The psychedelic sunsets, the palm trees, the aquamarine water, the soft white sand. You’re going to want to get some good photos so you can take the memories home with you. Last summer, when I was in the market for a new camera, I wanted the capabilities of a DSLR, but I knew that I wasn’t willing to lug one around. Then I discovered Sony’s new mirrorless camera lineup that allows you to shoot in manual, capture professional quality photos, and swap out the lens, all while fitting in the palm of my hand. They are also very reasonably priced.  I have the Sony NEX-3, which has since been replaced by the NEX-5 and the Alpha 6000 which both get top-notch reviews. Paired with this inexpensive vintage-looking camera strap, you’ll be wanting to take your camera everywhere, even when you are home.

Shop: Sony NEX and Alpha Series Mirrorless Cameras
Shop: Vintage Multi-color Camera Strap ($7)

3) Prone to Wander shirt

I recently came across the Vibe Tribe Shop on Instagram. They make super cute, high quality tank tops that aim to inspire your inner wanderlust. I’ve been sporting my Prone to Wander shirt down here in Belize, and it’s flattering, comfy, and breathable, making it perfect for that humid beach day.

Shop: Vibe Tribe Prone to Wander shirt ($22)

4) Reef Gypsylove Flip Flops

I bought a pair of these years ago, and after daily wear during two summers, they are still holding up as if they were new. The tan color goes with just about everything while the colorful stripes give the sandal a little bit of flavor. Thanks to the decent arch support, these sandals can be worn comfortably for hours and are great for exploring new places on foot.

Shop: Reef Gypsylove Flip Flops ($24)

5) Bag Wizard Beach Tote

You gotta have a cute bag to throw all of these essentials in. This highly packable, foldable tote bag from Bag Wizard weighs only 7.8 ounces but is roomy enough to fit the stuff on this list. It also has a large inner pocket for small essentials and a nice leather strap. It comes in both red and blue.

Shop: Bag Wizard Beach Tote ($20)

6) Inflatable Inner Tube

I know…it sounds silly. But I swear, adding an inner tube to your beach vacation packing list is going to change your world. There is absolutely nothing better than effortlessly floating around in that clear blue water with a drink in hand and letting the gentle waves rock you into a state of pure bliss. This is my happy place, and I know it will be yours too. At $10 and 7.2 ounces, you really can’t go wrong.

Shop: Intex 36 Neon Color Inflatable Tube ($10)

7) Smith LOOKOUT frames with Chromapop Lens

The latest and the greatest from my favorite Sunglass company are the ChromaPop lens, which are designed to make colors explode so you can see the world as it really appears. The these sporty but stylish LOOKOUT frames are the ultimate pair for a day out on the boat, when you’ll want to be able see all those colorful fish schooling around. And one other reason I love Smith is that they provide a lifetime warranty on all of their glasses, meaning they are super durable and made to last.

Shop: Smith LOOKOUT Chromapop Sunglasses ($209)

8) Trucker Hat from Zazzle

I always bring a hat on vacation. It protects my face from the sun and also covers up my mop when my hair isn’t looking too hot. Zazzle is an awesome company that allows you to customize almost any type of clothing, and I’m especially in love with their trucker hats. Say you want a hat with a peace sign. All you have to do is search for “peace sign trucker hat,” and tons of options will come up. Then just pick your design and color and a week later your custom trucker hat will be at your door.
Shop: Peace Love Boombox Trucker Hat ($16)

 What do you always bring along on your trips to the beach?

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