USA Bucket List For Outdoor Adventure: 70 Best Places to Visit

Where we ladies at Bearfoot Theory want to go in 2019!

The Bearfoot Theory team rounds up 14 amazing domestic & international travel destinations at the top of their adventure bucketlist for 2019.

Looking for the best places in the USA to visit for outdoor adventure? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you live in the United States or you’re traveling from overseas, a USA bucket list is a great way to make sure you check off all the amazing places this country has to offer.

From the lowest point in North America (Badwater Basin) to the highest peak in Alaska (Denali), we’ve curated an epic list of the best places to enjoy the outdoors across the USA.

Our team here at Bearfoot Theory has traveled the country from the east coast to the west coast and from the Canadian border down to the Mexican border and these are our top recommendations to add to your USA bucket list.

We’ve structured this bucket list based on activities and types of trips. You can jump to your favorite adventure below:

  • National Parks Bucket List
  • Bucket List Road Trips
  • Bucket List Hikes
  • Bucket List Beaches in the US
  • Bucket List Water Adventures
  • Bucket List Winter Adventures

National Parks Bucket List

1. Grand Canyon National Park

2. Arches National Park

3. Zion National Park

4. Channel Islands National Park

5. Yosemite National Park

6. Yellowstone National Park

7. Glacier National Park

8. Rocky Mountain National Park

9. Death Valley National Park

10. Denali National Park

11. Joshua Tree National Park

12. Olympic National Park

13. Sequoia National Park

14. Carlsbad Canyons National Park

Bucket List Road Trips

15. California State Route 1

16. Oregon Coast Highway 101

17. Route 395 in California

18. The Blue Ridge Parkway

19. Hana Highway

20. Florida Overseas Highway

21. Alaska Highway

Bucket List Hikes in the US

22. The John Muir Trail

23. The Pacific Crest Trail

24. The Appalachian Trail

25. The Long Trail

26. Havasu Falls

27. The Arizona Trail

Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim

28. The Colorado Trail

29. Half Dome

30. The Narrows

31. Kalalau Trail

Bucket List Beaches in the US

32. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Dramatic rock formations like Haystack rock and tufted puffins

33. Second Beach, Washington

Quillayute Needles archipelago

34. Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island GA

Driftwood trees

35. Assateague Island

Best beach for wild horses

36. Popham Beach, Maine


37. Pfeiffer Beach, California

Known for its purple sands and rock formations, it’s a great place for hiking and exploring tide pools.

38. Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii

This beach is accessible only via the Kalalau Trail, a famous hiking route on the Na Pali Coast.

39. La Jolla Cove, California

Known for its clear waters and sea caves, it’s a great spot for snorkeling, kayaking, and diving.

40. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan

Famous for its towering sand dunes, it offers hiking trails, kayaking, and swimming in Lake Michigan.

41. Padre Island National Seashore, Texas

The longest stretch of undeveloped barrier island in the world, it’s ideal for bird watching, camping, and kiteboarding.

42. Hamoa Beach, Hawaii

Once described by Ernest Hemingway as the world’s best beach, it’s a great place for bodysurfing and exploring the tropical landscape of Maui.

Bucket List Water Adventures

43. Snorkeling with Manatees in Crystal River, Florida

Crystal River, Florida

44. Canoeing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota

45. Packrafting the Escalante River

46. Kayaking The San Juan Islands

47. Whitewater Rafting the Grand Canyon, Arizona

48. Traveling the Inside Passage to Alaska

Ferry, kayak, boat/ship

49. Scuba Diving in the Florida Keys

50. Surfing in Oahu, Hawaii

51. Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

52. Sea Kayaking in Glacier Bay, Alaska

53. Fly Fishing in Montana’s Yellowstone River

54. Kitesurfing in Outer Banks, North Carolina

55. Paddleboarding in Lake Tahoe, California

56. Sailing in San Francisco Bay, California

Best Winter Adventures in the US

57. Dog Sledding in Alaska

Experience the Alaskan wilderness via a traditional mode of transport, led by huskies.

58. Ice Skating in New York City’s Central Park

Skate in the heart of the city at the Wollman Rink, with the NYC skyline as your backdrop.

59. Snowmobiling in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Explore the park’s winter beauty on a guided tour, with a chance to spot wildlife and see geysers.

60. Viewing the Northern Lights in Fairbanks, Alaska

Witnessing this natural light display is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

61. Ice Caves Exploration in Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

These stunning caves are accessible when Lake Superior freezes over.

62. Stay in a winter backcountry hut

63. Soak in Nevada’s Best hot springs

Kristen’s Adventure Bucketlist

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Tour Du Mont Blanc, France-Switzerland-Italy


The most famous hiking trail in Europe crosses the border of three countries, takes you into seven valleys and gives you six miles of ascent over its 105 miles of hiking trails. Plus, an up close and personal view of the Mont Blanc Massif makes it one of the most amazing travel destinations in the world.

Tour Du Mont Blanc // A roundup of 14 amazing domestic & international travel destinations at the top of our adventure bucketlist for 2019.

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The Dolomites, Italy


This massive mountain range is located in Northeastern Italy and is designated as UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its 18 peaks and unique culture. There are 12 ski areas and alpine hiking trails that rival the size and grandiosity of Patagonia.

The Dolomites, Italy // A roundup of 14 amazing domestic & international travel destinations at the top of our adventure bucketlist for 2019.

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Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit, Peru


Peru’s 81 mile-long circuit hike makes the most out of what little space it has. It’s got alpine hiking, hot springs, aquamarine lakes in the snowy Andes Mountain Range of South America. To solidify its reputation as an amazing travel destination, it’s also regarded as one of the top ten circuits in the world.

Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit, Peru // A round-up of 14 amazing domestic & international travel destinations at the top of their adventure bucketlist for 2019.

[bulleted_list icon=”fa-globe”]



Skiing, hiking, glaciers, coastal fjords and mountains give an outdoor enthusiast plenty of ways to fill up an entire travel itinerary in this northern country. However, the Scandinavian country is also home to the cities of Oslo and Lillehammer that are worth visiting purely for the sake of being immersed in the unique Norwegian culture.

Norway // A round up 14 amazing domestic & international travel destinations at the top of their adventure bucketlist for 2019.

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Linda’s Adventure Bucketlist

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Denali National Park, Alaska


Alaska is an amazing travel destination that offers the chance to see the Northern Lights up close and personal. At Denali National Park, you’ll find yourself just below the arctic circle which gives you a prime spot for this spectacular light show. Of course, there’s no shortage of hiking, biking and backpacking trails here and the wildlife sightings are bar none to anywhere else in the world. Thinking of heading to Alaska in 2019? Another great Alaskan National Park to check out is Lake Clark National Park. See a full recap of my 10 day Lake Clark National Park backpacking trip.

Denali National Park makes the roundup of 14 amazing domestic & international travel destinations at the top of our adventure bucketlist for 2019.

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Glacier National Park, Montana


There is so much of the United States to explore, including the country’s vast network of National Parks — what better way to see everything than a scenic road trip? On Linda’s adventure bucketlist is a road trip from California to Glacier National Park in Montana. Drive through some of the most beautiful states in the country, including Nevada and Idaho or go opt for an equally stunning route through Oregon and Washington to get there.

Glacier National Park makes the roundup of 14 amazing domestic & international travel destinations at the top of our adventure bucketlist for 2019.

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Kim’s Adventure Bucketlist

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Mexico City, Mexico


An amazing travel destination not just for the landscape but for the culture. Mexico City is home to incredible chefs, art, unique historical and modern-day sites. Also less than 50 miles away is a 15,-000 foot hike-able stratovolcano named Nevado de Toluca, where you are rewarded with views of some of the tallest peaks in Mexico.

Mexico City makes the cut of 14 amazing domestic & international travel destinations at the top of our adventure bucketlist for 2019.

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Backpacking Southeast Asia


Southeast Asia is high on Kim’s list. While this region consists of nine countries (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Myanmar) there are so many adventures waiting to be had. Rent a motorbike, grab your camera and go!

Backpacking Southeast Asia is at the top of our adventure bucketlist

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Isle Royale National Park, Michigan


Kim, is also on a mission to visit all the National Parks in the US. Isle Royale National Park is a remote cluster of islands in Lake Superior near the Canadian border. The park doesn’t allow cars and is a home to unique dive sites, coastal hiking trails and wildlife including wolves and moose.

Isle Royal National Park // our adventure bucketlist for 2019

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Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota


Voyageurs National Park is located in the Boreal Forest of Minnesota east of Isle Royale National Park. It also sits right on the edge of Canadian-US border and is a watery playground of hiking trails, campsites and the world-famous Ellsworth Rock Gardens.

Voyageurs National Park should be on your adventure bucketlist in 2019

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Katherine’s Adventure Bucketlist

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La Paz, Baja California


If you have had a long-time goal to swim alongside whale sharks, the ocean’s largest and most gentle filter-feeding fish, head out to La Paz in Baja California. You can also enjoy 100 miles worth of paddling out on the open seas and of course, the tacos.

Swimming with whale sharks in La Paz Mexico is at the top of our adventure buckelist

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Banff National Park, Canada


Besides being an amazing adventure bucketlist destination in general, Banff National Park offers so many incredible opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast to enjoy. Whether it’s horseback riding or hiking through the Canadian Rockies, this stunning scenery will not disappoint. Paddle on Lake Louise, road trip around the area, and chow down their famous poutine to make this adventure complete.

Banff and the Lake Louise area should be on every outdoor travelers adventure bucketlist

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The GR20 Trail


The GR20 also made our list of Best Hiking Trails in Europe and for a very good reason. This incredible trail travels the length of Corsica with stops at refugios along the way. Alpine hiking on a Mediterranean island would be a pretty amazing way to brush up on your french.

The G20 is an adventure bucketlist hike

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Where is on your adventure bucketlist to visit in 2019? Have you been to any of the locations we listed? Leave us a comment below! We can’t wait to hear what is on your adventure bucketlist.
A roundup of 14 amazing domestic & international travel destinations at the top of our adventure bucketlist for 2019.

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