2 Feb, 2016

Best Joshua Tree Hikes for First-Time Visitors

Headed to Joshua Tree National Park for the first time? Here's helpful info on three of the best trails in the Park, as well as the scoop on where to stay while you're there exploring.

11 Jan, 2016

Essential Safety Tips for Hiking with Dogs

Hit the trail with your fury friend...but first make sure you know how to keep your dog safe and comfortable. Here's some important factors to consider and tips for hiking and adventuring with your number one mutt.

7 Dec, 2015

Everything you Need to Know about Hiking The Wave in Arizona

Learn about the trail, permits, and gear in this detailed guide to hiking the amazing Wave along the Utah/Arizona border.

16 Nov, 2015

SPOT Gen3 Review: A Backcountry Communication & Tracking Device

At the urging of my folks, I recently picked up a SPOT Gen3, a communication and GPS tracking device that can be used to check in or to call for help in the case of an emergency when you are out of cell phone range. In this detailed review, I show you exactly how to use the SPOT & explain why it's smart to carry this type of communication device on all of your backcountry adventures.

10 Sep, 2015

What to Wear Hiking

Not sure what to wear hiking? Learn how to dress for function and comfort on the trail with this detailed hiking apparel guide.

8 Sep, 2015

Outdoor Ethics: 7 Basic Guidelines of Leave No Trace

Not sure where to pitch your tent, how to do dishes, or where to go the dreaded #2? Brush up on your outdoor ethics and learn best practices for your outdoor adventures with these basic Leave No Trace guidelines.

25 Aug, 2015

Back to the Basics: Hiking 101 Tips for Beginners

Just getting your feet wet with hiking? Here's some essential hiking 101 tips for beginners to help you hit the trail with confidence - from hydration to the gear you do & don't need to how to pick a trail.

28 Jul, 2015

Climbing the Pfeifferhorn: A Guide to Bagging Salt Lake City’s Third Tallest Peak

I’ve never been much of a peak bagger. Something about it always seemed intimidating. Maybe I felt like I wasn’t

15 Jun, 2015

Bye bye blisters: Montrail Hiking Boot Review

Montrail hiking boots are the most comfortable pair of hiking boots I've owned. Read my full review to learn more about these blister-free beauties.

11 Jun, 2015

Colorado Peak Bagging: The 5 Best Beginner Fourteeners

To follow up our post on “How to Prepare for Your First Fourteener,” it only seemed appropriate that we give you some suggestions on which peaks to seek out. Here you’ll find the best beginner fourteeners in Colorado so you can take your hiking to new heights this summer.

26 May, 2015

How to Prepare for your First Fourteener

This week I'm excited to share this guest post by Ben and Jenna Thomas - Colorado natives, photographers, and authors of international travel

31 Mar, 2015

Finally! Flattering Hiking Pants – Mountain Hardwear Dynama Pants

I’ll admit it. I’m spandex obsessed. I love spandex so much that my friends have coined the term “Bor” shorts