9 Jan, 2017

How to Train for a Thru-Hike

Training for a thru-hike requires mental and physical preparation. Learn how to get ready with these tips from a PCT and JMT thru-hiker.

2 Jan, 2017

How to Choose the Best Backpacking Water Filter

Don't get giardia! Learn what factors to consider when choosing a backpacking water filter & get recommendations for your next outdoor adventure.

12 Dec, 2016

New Zealand’s Best Day Hike: Tongariro Crossing Hiking Guide

Don't miss New Zealand's best day hike. Get this detailed hiking for the Tongariro Crossing hike, one of New Zealand's Great Walks on the North Island.

21 Sep, 2016

Desert Backpacking Tips for your first Southwest Adventure

Prepare for your southwest adventure with these desert backpacking tips! Learn where to go, what gear you need, and advice for having fun & being safe.

7 Aug, 2016

Bishop Pass to Dusy Basin Backpacking Guide

Lakes? Waterfalls? Granite Peaks? Get it all in a weekend backpacking trip over Bishop Pass to Dusy Basin in California's eastern Sierras.

27 Jul, 2016

3-day Backpacking Checklist

Get my complete backpacking checklist which includes all the essential hiking gear I bring on weekend camping trips with recommendations for going lighter.

30 Jun, 2016

John Muir Trail Food Shopping List

Simplify your John Muir Trail food & meal planning with my complete JMT food shopping list that details what & how much food I brought on my 22 day hike.

11 May, 2016

John Muir Trail Transportation Guide & Planning Tips

Learn about cheapest and most efficient John Muir Trail transportation options, including the best airports and buses to use before & after your hike.

11 Apr, 2016

How to Choose a Tent + the Best Tents for Backpacking

A good tent should be lightweight, durable, weather-proof, and a cinch to set up. In this post, learn the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new tent and get recommendations for some of the best 2-person tents for backpacking.

16 Nov, 2015

SPOT Gen3 Review: A Backcountry Communication & Tracking Device

At the urging of my folks, I recently picked up a SPOT Gen3, a communication and GPS tracking device that can be used to check in or to call for help in the case of an emergency when you are out of cell phone range. In this detailed review, I show you exactly how to use the SPOT & explain why it's smart to carry this type of communication device on all of your backcountry adventures.

30 Sep, 2015

Tips for Backpacking the Trans-Catalina Trail

Just because the weather is starting to turn in the mountains doesn't mean you have to put all of your camping gear away. If you feel like chasing summer, the Trans-Catalina Island Trail is 40 miles of sun, beach, and gorgeous ocean views and offers year-round beach-front camping.

8 Sep, 2015

Outdoor Ethics: 7 Basic Guidelines of Leave No Trace

Not sure where to pitch your tent, how to do dishes, or where to go the dreaded #2? Brush up on your outdoor ethics and learn best practices for your outdoor adventures with these basic Leave No Trace guidelines.